Is it Illegal to Own a Solvent Trap – 2024 Guide

There is no doubt that solvent traps are some of the most popular attachments in the firearm-owner community. The purpose of this part is to be used when cleaning the barrel. 

But why do so many people question the legality of these attachments? With many asking whether or not it is illegal to own one, we figured we’d come up with an article explaining just that.


So consider this article as your guide for 2024. With all that said, let’s start.

What Exactly Is A Solvent Trap?


In short, solvent traps are attachments used for the process of cleaning the barrel of a firearm. 


We use this cleaning attachment to prevent fluids from escaping the barrel when cleaning it. The obvious benefit is that we can then re-use these same liquids to do it all over again. This has an inherent economic benefit for the owner.


So what’s all the fuss about it? If the purpose of this firearm attachment is to be used for cleaning, then what’s all this talk about legality issues?


In truth, it’s perfectly legal to own a solvent trap in 2024, according to the ATF. But to explain that, we will have to touch on a couple of other points.

How Do They Work?

Many rookie firearm owners aren’t familiar with how these attachments work. In short, they work pretty simple. Cleaning the barrel of a firearm is very important. Over time, the barrel can get quite messy. The mess can cause all sorts of problems, such as rust and corrosion. It is also possible for the clutter to make the firearm less effective, start jamming, and more. This is why you see protagonists and antagonists clean the barrel of a firearm in movies all the time. 


Since cleaning the barrel will prevent it from jamming, it is the last thing you want if an intruder is in your house. To clean the barrel, we can use all kinds of capture cleaning fluids. But the common thing among all is that they create a big mess. So one way to prevent a mess is to use a solvent trap. As we mention earlier, solvent traps help capture these fluids, thus preventing a mess.


If you’ve ever used a solvent trap, then you’re probably aware that it makes the cleaning process that much easier. Solvent traps go at the end of the firearm. More specifically, we attach them to the end of the barrel.


The attachment comes with one opening. The extension is meant to be attached to the end. From there, the fluid goes through the opening and allows it to pass through. It stays there until you remove it. This is why solvent traps are excellent at stopping a messy situation.

Are Solvent Traps Illegal?

While we did mention a few times that solvent traps are, in fact, legal, let’s elaborate a bit more on the subject. Firearm owners can own this attachment, but to do that, you will have to find a firearm store that sells them and fill out an AFT form. 


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Once you do that, the next thing is to fill out that form. The form can be found on the AFT website, and chances are your local firearm store will tell you how to find it. The form can be filled online or offline. But you have to have an approved Form 1 with you when buying the attachment. 


To get your form approved, you will have to pay $200. This is for a tax stamp for owning the rights of the attachment. While many debate whether or not people should go through the process to buy a necessary extension to clean their firearms, others say otherwise.

The arguments are strong on both sides of the table, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that this attachment is essential for cleaning the firearm. 

Why Is It Essential To Use A Solvent Trap

With all that said, do they work? If we use solvent traps to capture fluids when cleaning a firearm, they do indeed work quite well. So, let’s elaborate on the X reasons why every owner should use a solvent trap.

  • Ensure Safety

Through regular maintenance, we eliminate issues that make the firearm unreliable. This comes especially important when dealing with an unwanted situation such as an intruder. By cleaning the barrel, firearm owners make sure that the firearm works as intended.

Considering that no one wants to find themselves in a situation where gunk and buildup compromise the firearm, it will work in your best favor to go out and get a solvent trap.

  • Increase Longevity

We all want our firearms to last. There is no point in buying one only to throw it out after a few months. More so, this stuff isn’t cheap. Ideally, you want a single firearm to last you for years.

So one way to do that is to clean it regularly. The barrel is one of the messiest parts to clean. So if you don’t want to make a massive mess out of it, make sure to use a solvent trap.

  • Avoid Major Issues

We mentioned that firearms experience all kinds of problems. If not maintained regularly, firearms can experience rusting, corrosion, jamming, etc.

These so-called major issues create a whole problem on their own. Rusting is probably the most common major issue, and that can render the firearm useless.

The residual buildup causes yet another unique problem. If you want the firearm to work as intended, then make sure to remove residue that builds up through frequent use.

And lastly, although certainly not the least of your worries, is jamming. Jamming works pretty simple and is relatively self-explanatory. If the firearm jams, then you’ll need to perform a few actions to remove the problem that causes it. This is easier said than done, mainly when a rookie handles the firearm.

So, please don’t risk it and buy a solvent trap to keep everything in check. And remember, solvent traps are perfectly legal.