Aquarius Season 3 air date, news & updates + spoilers!


Well, fans of Aquarius we have some bad news for you. It seems that you will not get to see the season 3 of your favorite show because NBC decided to cancel it. This crime drama which starred well-known The X-Files star David Duchovny had its premiere in May 2015, and it was the first series to be streamed after its season premiere. According to some speculations, it appears that Duchovny is losing his luster on TV (which is hard to believe), but can that be the only reason for NBC deciding to discontinue the Aquarius?

After airing just two seasons with questionable ratings and a lot of schedule changes, NBC finally decided to pull the plug on the Aquarius series, at least according to Entertainment Weekly report. At the beginning the network tried to do something different and adopted a Netflix-style for the periodic drama, meaning that they made the entire 12 episodes of the season available for streaming all at once. However, according to some, it turns out that Duchovny’s charms on TV are not what they used to be and that they are not enough to boost the show’s ratings.

The plot of the series followed Duchovny’s character Sam Hodiak in Los Angeles in 1967. Hodiak was an LA Police Department detective who had a task of investigating the case of a missing teenager (Emma Dumont). Along with an undercover narcotics cop Officer Brian Shafe (Grey Damon), Hodiak finds out that the missing teen is with the Manson Family. A lot of fans were into the Aquarius show but since NBC decided to shut it down and not do the season 3, guess the fans won’t really know what happened to the Manson family.


According to what Movie News Guide suggests it seems that Duchovny’s spark is slowly shutting down and that it caused the show to lose nearly 2 million viewers in just two episodes with the tendency of falling even more despite the early announcement of season 2. The same report also suggested that this fall in Duchovny’s acting is because he is having a difficulty departing from his famous character, Fox Mulder from The X-Files. But, wait! As a huge fan of this guy and a die-hard fan of the X-Files show I don’t think that this is the case here, or at least not the only one. We are still talking about a man that made Californication a legendary TV show back in 2007.

While fans of the Aquarius will surely be disappointed by the studio’s decision, the X-Files fans (including myself) are happy because now David will have a lot more time on his hands and maybe he will actually do a season 11 of the X-Files. As you probably know, the season 10 ignited the old X-Files spark, and now fans are looking for more! Will it really happen?