Are The Arizona Cardinals Done?

This season hasn’t really gone like Cardinals have planned. One victory in first four games is just not good enough for a team that is trying to reach and win the Super Bowl. Losses to teams that might not even make the Playoffs and to a team that doesn’t have their best player available, on their home turf, is unacceptable.

Los Angeles Rams were able to defeat the Cardinals, in Arizona, and maybe even seal their fate. This was the game that could spell doom for this Cardinals team. Rams, just like the Seahawks, are 3-1. That means that Arizona is two games behind them and it’s going to be hard to catch up.

Usually, when a good team like Cardinals has a bad start, it’s due to injuries. But this is not the case with Arizona. They are just not performing at a high level and need to shake things up. Their receivers are just not getting open, and their quarterback is not up to the task. Carson Palmer even left the game with an injury, so that means more problems for this Cardinals team.

There is just no way that this kind of talent on the offensive side of the ball, with a coach like Bruce Arians, who knows the offense, can be as bad as this team has been.

They might not be done just yet, but they are on verge of the abyss. Right on the cliff. Arizona needs to start winning as soon as next week, and they need to turn this around. If they lose next week, it’s pretty much over for these 2016 Arizona Cardinals.