Dynasty – Will A Popular TV Series from 1980s Start to Air Again?


The 1980s TV series Dynasty will supposedly start to air once again. The series follows the Carringtons, a rich family from Denver, Colorado and their ordeal and misfortune as they feud with the Colbys, another family with an untold wealth.

The series ran from 1981 to 1989, and their stars were Dame Joan Collins and John Forsythe. Although the hit drama ended more than 27 years ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter it is ready to reboot on US network, The CW, which is partly owned by CBS and Warner Brothers. The CW is restarting Dynasty together with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the creators of The OC.


While this show was aired, it was one of the most popular series and it ran on ABC, as a rival to the CBS drama, Dallas.

Dame Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington, the ex-wife of Blake Carrington, who caused problems all the time which made it harder for Blake and his kids.

In the reboot, we will see two families united. For the record, The Colbys had their own TV show. In this spin-off, we could watch the adventures of Jeff and Fallon Colby in California.

The original Dynasty was on BBC One, but their channel controller Lord Michael Grade decided to cancel the show.