Arma 4: Premiere Date, Update & Trailer

What will Arma 4 be like?!?

Arma is a combat video game which features the elements of military simulation. It was first released in 2006, while the last installment of the franchise, Arma 3, was delivered in 2013. It was initially available only for Microsoft Windows platform, but later on, you could also find it on Android and iOS.

Arma 4 Gameplay

To start with, players use the menu so as to place themselves in the boat’s control room. A rather lifelike crew has control over the vessel, so the player gives commands which the squad members obey and thus do whatever the player wants them to do. There is also a possibility to choose some other vehicle instead of a boat. It’s all up to you. So, if you select a plane, for instance, you have to interact with an air force officer in order to approach the pilot’s pit. Furthermore, there are various locations depending on the vehicle the player chooses. If we take an aircraft as an example again, then you can watch it take off or land or, as previously mentioned, you can stick to the pilot’s pit and communicate with the pilot or any other captain in charge.

Arma 4 Premiere Date

As we already mentioned, Arma 3 was released three years ago, so we might say (and you certainly agree) that now would be a great time for the game sequel. However, in spite of some rumors saying the game would see the light of day in 2017, there are still no officially confirmed information about the Arma 4 premiere. But, there is one more thing we’re sure you’ll agree on – the combination of the game’s design and CryEngine, expected to come with the next sequel, sounds wonderful, don’t you think? CryEngine algorithms are particularly useful in games like Arma, full of scenes with vehicles and machinery. Moreover, being backed by the U.S. Forces, it enables you to see clearly some rather complex objects (like various U.S. Navy ships).

All in all, the game seems to be quite improved compared to its predecessors, so let’s hope it will come out sometime soon.