Arranging a Smooth Home Visit with a Santa Claus Performer

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With Christmas right around the corner, families are coming together and planning their big holiday parties. A surprise home visit from Santa Claus—one with a real beard and big belly—is sure to provide plenty of joy and laughs among the children. Even the adults will enjoy the party.

First, you need to understand how to arrange a smooth home visit. After all, you’re hiring a performer to come into your home—a place they’ve never been—and interact with your children, guests, and home.

What to Expect from a Home Visit from Santa Claus

Each home visit arranged with a holiday performer is unique. Here’s what you can expect from a visit from Santa Claus—though, again, it does vary.

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● A special, memorable entrance from Santa Claus himself
● A meet and greet with guests
● Photo opportunities
● Lap time with Santa Claus and all guests—children and adults alike
● Questions and Answers with Santa
● Performances including singing, storytelling, and more
● Passing out gifts
● A majestic goodbye and exit

Before Your Big Visit with Santa Claus

While each home visit is unique, you can make the experience even more memorable and fun for everyone by sitting down with your entertainer beforehand. Experts from HireSanta suggest that a little back-and-forth can go a long way to easing any discomfort or awkwardness between the performer and the guests.

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● Talk to Your Performer – While this is certainly not the first home visit your requested performer has experienced, a wealth of tips and ideas from you—as this is your home—can make a big difference. Call them up, discuss your plans, and finalize the event.
● Share Key Details – Your performer needs a few key details to really make the home visit special. They need to know how many people in attendance, age groups, names of the children, whether you’re planning a gift-giving exchange or storytime in the evening.
● Special Considerations – It’s important to arrange access for Santa. If you live in a gated community, for instance, make sure your performer has the gate code. Or, if Santa must accommodate special needs, such as language barriers, make them known.

The more your entertainer understands about the home visit, the better and more special they can make the entire experience for all those involved.

First and foremost, make sure you hire an experienced Santa Claus to really make your home visit pop!