Cozy Corners: The Art And Design of Diner Booths, From Classic Americana to Contemporary Chic


If you are the sort of person that looks at the past and sees some type of idyllic landscape wherein everything was as perfect as it could be, you should know that you’re not alone. Countless people all around the world bemoan the current state of restaurant furniture, since a vast majority of them would much rather get seated in one of the classic eateries that gave birth to what we now call Americana.

Nationalism aside, there is an air of nostalgia associated with classic Americana that can be downright intoxicating in the correct doses. Just take diner booths for example. What is it that makes people so eager to go to a restaurant once they found out that it offers some booths for them to sit in? Nostalgia certainly plays a role, but that can’t be the sole driver of such a globe spanning trend.


At the end of the day, human beings are rational creatures, and while we might act unreasonably on an individual basis, on a societal level all of our decisions tend to be based on stuff that actually matters. The desire for restaurant booths is rooted in more than just nostalgia, which has led to them being incorporated into contemporary chic as well.

It might sound ludicrous to even suggest that there is a common denominator binding old school Americana with modern day style, but dining booths prove that such a thing isn’t just possible, it is inevitable. Chic décor takes a lot of inspiration from the days of old, and with restaurant booths, you can make your restaurant seem like a time capsule instead of just being a place where someone can purchase a hot meal at a reasonable price.

Any diner booth that you are lucky enough to get your hands on will be the result of decades of artistry, even if the product itself happens to be mass produced. Every curve of the booth, every element in its design and each fabric that you can choose to upholster it with is only obvious because trained design specialists narrowed things down when restaurant booths experienced their first rise to prominence.


Even if you were to prioritize simplicity above everything else, restaurant booths will have you covered. A minimalist booth will provide all of the seating capacity that your customers might desire, and it also has the added advantage of being incredibly versatile.

If you want to have a flamboyant decorative palette, but you don’t want to commit to it for the long term, you can experiment with some aesthetic excess all while using the same booth. Switching back to a subtle, tasteful visual experience will be utterly seamless, since the booths will work for practically any occasion regardless of how fancy or spartan it was intended to be.

Now, let’s say you are an individual that prefers the maximal to the minimal. Can restaurant booths facilitate your needs as well? The answer is most definitely going to be yes! As long as you have a clear and precise vision of what you want your restaurant’s interior design will end up looking like, you can add all of the necessary elements to the booths as well.

There really is no end to how ornate a booth can appear to the average patron. Adding complex whorls and carvings into the wooden back can make your booth seem like a veritable work of art, and there is nothing wrong with adding a splash of color here or there either.


The wooden foundation of a restaurant booth can also be covered up with upholstery, thereby giving you the opportunity to completely redesign your restaurant at the drop of a hat. The long and storied history of these booths have made them iconic in their own right, and it is truly wondrous that they offer so many chances for customization.

Circling back to the question of color, once again you will see the versatility of dining booths come to light. If you are managing an eatery that tries to keep it casual, bright colors can be right up your alley. Primary colors such as blue, red and yellow can be mixed and matched to create an atmosphere that would bring families in droves, and their little children would be delighted by your aesthetic offerings too.

As for eateries that are aiming to serve the upper crust, it might be better to opt for more muted hues. A deep, warm brown can work miracles for your vibe, as can other sober palettes such as gray, navy blue or even black!


Try not to use a single color throughout your restaurant, though. It’s best for you to spice things up by offering a color gradient, such as by starting with dark brown, followed by a navy blue, and finally the odd black booth which can impart an edgier visual statement to your design scheme. Lighter colors can also be used from time to time, with tan and off-white standing out as popular choices in this regard.

The point we are trying to make here is that booths have always been a part of America’s dining culture. Unless a seismic shift occurs in the near future, it is almost guaranteed that they will continue to be a part of restaurants in the great US of A for as long as people choose to go out and have a good time with some friends, food and fine conversation. The key to success is to pay attention to what the customer wants, and in the here and now, the customer desires some restaurant booths for private and comfy dining.