Assignment Writing Services VS Chat GPT: What is Better for Academic Assignments?


If you have been a student or are currently studying in a college or university, you have surely spent more than one night under complicated and wordy academic assignments. Especially it’s difficult if you are trying to combine your study with a full-scale job. In such moments, you have to write dozens of papers in order to pass classes and receive the desirable certificate.

Nowadays, there are lots of tools that check grammar or help paraphrase the content. With the appearance of GPT Chat, people received a tool that can write an academic task in several seconds. But it’s a new thing, and it’s not developed enough to produce better products than people. You may look through any paperwriter review to understand that your chosen assignment writing service can provide you with a quality paper that will be written by a real person. So, the question of whether ChatGPT can be better than writing help services remains to be open.

In the realm of writing assistance, while tools like grammar checkers and paraphrase aids offer convenience, the emergence of GPT Chat introduces a novel approach. However, despite its potential, ChatGPT is still in its infancy, unable to surpass the quality of human-generated content. Examining various paperwriter reviews highlights the proficiency of human writers. Thus, the debate on whether ChatGPT can outperform traditional writing help services persists.

Strong and Weak Sides of GPT Chat


Nowadays, only lazy ones do not speak or at least hear about OpenAI and its vast opportunities. Recently, what is Chat GPT and how to use it have been the most frequent online requests throughout the Internet. This tool has become a revolution in the sphere of knowledge generation and processing. To understand its real potential, it’s necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of this AI tool.


  1. It’s a completely free service.
  2. It offers a user-friendly and convenient design.
  3. GPT Chat tool generates the required content in seconds.


  1. The generated content is not engaging. Despite the high speed of its generation, the content lacks originality.
  2. AI content is detected by the same AI-detecting tools, which may lead to severe consequences for the user.
  3. It cannot ensure high quality. Often, the sources used by AI to generate content are of lower quality than those used by the average assignment writing service.
  4. It’s impossible to double-check the information. ChatGPT does not provide references or exact sources from where it took the information for you.
  5. Not all tasks can be handled by AI. It’s not capable of providing deep research with the use of high-quality academic sources.
  6. Sometimes, the tool does not work correctly. Technical errors are common here, as with any software. It can even deteriorate the quality of the answers you receive.

Moreover, we have to mention that this trend has become too popular. This means that a lot of people are using it, and some even abuse AI writing.

Content creators, news media, and schools, are all facing issues with the increase of content that is not providing any real value.

The AI itself is not an issue at all as it can help you research, write, create outlines, and much more. But using only a plain copy/paste method is surely a bad thing to do.

Many people became aware of it. You know, using it for your college essays won’t be so easy anymore as professors started using advanced tools to recognize if the text is AI-generated or unique. On the other hand, you can always make AI drafts, and then make them look human-written with ai writing editor.

Pluses and Minuses of Assignment Writing Services


Currently, there are lots of such services because they are in demand among its target audience – students. They use assignment writing help services because they know their strengths and weaknesses. Now, let’s clarify these things to build your awareness.


  1. Customer-oriented service. This service offers customized writing to meet your instructions, no matter how complicated or unusual they are. The requirements of tone, approach, style, etc., are always met.
  2. 100% original content. You always receive plagiarism-free content. If you doubt, they will offer you a plagiarism report.
  3. Anonymity is guaranteed. Confidentiality is a must here.
  4. Any type of paper can be requested. The scope of the possible papers to receive is not limited in terms of size and complexity.
  5. The performers are real people. It’s the primary difference from ChatGPT. Experts have at least a bachelor’s degree in their fields.
  6. New ideas for your future papers. You may receive new ideas or directions to move in your research activity from the papers you receive in any assignment writing service. It’s like cooperation with your research supervisor.


  1. They cannot provide the assignment in seconds. The papers orient on the deadline, which is a minimum of 3-6 hours.
  2. Assignments are not always ready for submission. Sometimes, your deeper insight will be required.
  3. The service is not free of charge. You will have to pay, although the price is adequate for receiving a high-quality assignment.

Reasons for the High Estimation

A positive reputation for best essay writing services has been formed for years of their existence on the market. For many students, the assistance of these services had become invaluable when they were struggling with many challenges in their lives. When OpenAI entered the market, it offered speed, but it failed to offer high-quality services they provide. Experts in assignment writing services work hard and double-check the quality of papers before uploading them for customers.

Moreover, ChatGPT products are limited in terms of length. The initial response quill be no longer than 4096 characters. Fortunately, it’s not about the assignment help services. One may order here 50, 100, 150-page assignments, and even longer ones. Along with this, you do not threaten your academic integrity like in the case of ChatGPT use. More than one student has already been expelled from the university because of AI assistance use.

Final Words


AI writing has faced severe criticism from different sides. But this criticism appeared to be reasonable. AI-generated content cannot be free of errors, and it’s highly recognizable even without specialized detecting tools. The consent generated by ChatGPT looks like patterns without the author’s “voice” in it. That’s why it’s recommended to use the assignment writing service instead of ChatGPT for academic purposes. In such a way, you will receive original and well-referenced content, which will fully correspond to the provided instructions. It’s your key to success if you are stuck in the dozens of uncompleted assignments and do not have time for yourself because of your job.