Aston Martin showed its DB11 by Q Concept at Geneva!

If you recall, just a year ago, Aston Martin made an appearance on the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and they unveiled their all-new DB11. Back then with its rigid but lightweight aluminum structure and a powerful twin-turbocharged V-12 unit this British carmaker managed to successfully combine modern technology with classic styling which helped in the evolution of the company’s very stagnant design language. Now Aston Martin is back at Geneva and this time they have… well the same DB11 but only in blue color, and we mean really blue.

This one has a name DB11 Q by Aston Martin, and it is a one-of-a-kind sports coupe designed to showcase the company’s Q division. What actually separates the regular DB11 and the DB11 Q is the strong blue color that combines a deep shade of Zaffre Blue paint with exposed (but presumably lacquered) carbon fiber highlighting the front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser area, hood vents, and mirror caps.

But this would not be complete without the same color scheme being carried inside to the leather-lined interior, where some of the details include headrests embossed with the Q logo and a Zaffre Blue four-piece luggage set.

One thing that must be mentioned and its the wheels painted in Zaffre Blue which somehow burdens this striking color combination, but thankfully it is the only styling mistake that is really distracting from the DB11 Q’s otherwise gorgeous looks. But those wheels are a masterpiece of their own because they represent a testament to the Q by Aston Martin program. What that means is that Aston Martin does not make vehicles to appeal to everybody, but tailors it custom for the appeal of that one buyer. And if it happens that that customer wants all car painted in blue, with blue wheels, that is exactly what he/she will get. Nice!

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Miloš Kalajdžić
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