3 Most Hated Wrestlers In WWE Today


WWE is the organization that attracts all the best wrestlers in the world. There are rarely wrestlers that don’t dream of being with the company one day. Most of the people in the WWE today had that dream, and they are glad that they have achieved it. On the other hand, some fans are not really happy about that. Here are the worst wrestlers in the company today.

Dana Brooke – She is a good athlete and a decent performer, but it seems that the WWE called her up to the main roster a bit too soon. Brooke really hasn’t developed her character on the main roster yet, she has been sloppy in the ring and has botched a lot of spots that don’t have anything to do with her work in the ring. She is not good enough for the main roster.


Bill Goldberg – He is one of the biggest stars in the organization right now even though he is a part-timer. He is also one of the biggest stars that the wrestling world has ever seen as he was the face of the WCW in the 90s. But, Goldberg is 50 right now, and he doesn’t have a lot to offer in the ring. Even in his prime, he was not one of the best performers. Right now, he is just a throwback act.


Eva Marie – This was a no-brainer. She is not good on the mic, doesn’t have a lot of charisma and moves in the ring like she is in quicksand. This woman is with the company only because of her looks and because of the fact that WWE thinks that they could brand her. Even if they can, she will never get over with the fans as she has established herself the worst wrestler that WWE has right now.