Asuka’s Role At Survivor Series Revealed!

Since the Survivor Series is the pay per view where Monday Night Raw superstars go up against Smackdown Live’s, it is only right for the women to be included in the show. They, just like men, are going to battle it out in order to determine who the better brand is. The red team is going to be led by Alicia Fox, while the leader of the blue squad is going to be Becky Lynch.

Even though it was pretty hard to predict who is going to win this match before this edition of Monday Night Raw, our job just got much easier as Asuka’s role has been revealed. She is going to be a member of Raw’s team, which swings the odds in favor of the red brand at the Survivor Series.

Since she has been promoted from the NXT, Asuka has continued her dominance in the WWE by winning two matches against Emma and all her fights against jobbers. The Empress of Tomorrow hasn’t lost a single battle since she made her NXT debut while also holding the title down in the developmental brand for over 500 days.

The best thing that could have happened to the WWE is her getting injured for a month. That gave them the reason to put her on Raw with her not having to drop the title and lose the match to anyone. She just relinquished the belt and moved on to bigger and better things.

Since she is still undefeated, it is unlikely that the company is going to have her lose as a part of the red team. They have done much worse things with the people that have come up from the NXT, so we can imagine them dropping the ball on Asuka. However, she is a big deal, and they are likely going to book her the right way.