Audi, BMW and Daimler partner to create next generation cars

A new partnership has been made between Audi, BMW, and Daimler to help each other develop the next generation vehicle which will be encompassed with the best mobile networks for vehicle communications. The three companies have partnered with some of the best technology companies in the world including Huawei, Ericsson, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm.

The German popular car manufacturers announced the new plan as the 5G Automotive Association, and it is aimed at developing, testing and standardizing the fifth generation of the high speed wireless communication.

In a statement released by the companies they noted that the main goal of the partnership was to address the connected mobility of the society and the road safety needs for applications such as the connected automated driving m, the ubiquitous access and also including the services together with the integration into the smart cities and the intelligent transportation inclusive.

The mobile network for the next generation, known in most circles as the 5G, is not only going to involve the cellular bandwidth but the internet connection speeds are also expected to rise. The 5G connection speeds is faster than the current 4G and the LTE standard.

The nonprofit group, Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance, said that they were working on some new cellular communication standards. The organization said that the new 5G speeds, if input in the cars, would be able to make the rates of data rise up to 1Gbps which would help in the increase of the number if devices that can connect to the same network simultaneously. This would offer an efficient mobile network that would lower the investment cost.

The new self-driving cars that are being worked upon by the car manufacturers rely on the cameras they are equipped and the sensors to navigate on the road. Up to date GPS and map data is also used to identify the locations they want. Future cars will also be able to communicate with their surroundings and the infrastructure around them, features known as vehicle to vehicle, and the vehicle to infrastructure communications.

One example is that Audi announced recently that in 2017 their cars would be able to communicate with the traffic lights so that interaction between them to understand when the light will switch from red to green and vice versa.

The new Next generation 5G mobile networks is expected to include the Cellular Vehicle to everything communication, something which makes the shift of the focus information, and the communication technologies in the Internet of Things, the Association said.