India’s over 1 billion population Interests Google

It is no longer a hidden secret that Google is interested in delving into markets that are emerging and to get more people make use of its services. So the company in launching itself in New Delhi with the term “Google for India” unravelled programs, new products, and host of other updates that they have in other to place their hands on the next billion of users of the internet.

The company first off introduce a YouTube app that is known as “offline first’ that has been in use since last year and was only made available to India alone at first which is now open to others when they register.

The made it available for Indians and then later in 2014 made it available to Philippines before the company started venturing more into the Middle East. So it was a few months ago that the company introduced its “Smart Offline” which is a feature that will allow Indians to download videos during off-peak periods.

The new YouTube Go that has been launched by the company is expected to work even in areas that have poor networks. They users can choose the resolution when watching or saving a video depending on whether they want to reduce data usage or due to slow connection. It also has a cool feature that allows a user share videos with friends that are nearby without having to spend their data.

In all these, Google is still an internet company and therefore cannot be entirely offline which is why it is embarking on a new move to give passers-by free Wi-Fi.

The company, last year made a pledge to make Wi-Fi available to train stations in their hundreds all over India which they kicked off in January in Central Mumbai, and then by April had reached 10 stations and presently reaches over 50 stations all over the country.

The company therefore is on a new move to take it beyond Google Station and even outside India, and intends to collaborate with organisations, venues, networks that will make Wi-Fi to the rest of the world. These Wi-Fi zones will be fast and unified.

The company today made announcement of two more updates that will help connections that are patchy. With Chrome you can compress videos of MP4 automatically so that users can save up data up to 67% with browsers better optimized even when the network is slow.

For Android, Chrome can allow users pile up videos when making use of Wi-Fi and then allow them watch it when they are offline. The company is also working on the Google Play to allow some elements to load faster when on Wi-Fi and be watched or accessed even when on low signal.

India with its population of about 1.3 billion has become a new interest for companies that are into internet. However, many of the people of India are yet to make use of the Internet which is why the company is interested in getting more people to make use of even with poor network not being a barrier. This is why Google is working on two things for the Indians –offering internet and their own services.

Another person with interest in India is Make Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook did not hide his interest when he noted that 130 million Indians were making use of the network and could be used for advertising advantage.