ProsperWorks’s CRM solution gets $24 million

ProsperWorks has raised the sum of $24 million fund for Series B. the company which relies on Google’s platform to work and is a customer relationship management cross-platform was led by Next World Capital which is a VC firm that helps their clients get into European markets. Such other investors are the likes of True Ventures, Storm Ventures, Devoteam, Industry Ventures and others.

Jon Lee, CEO of ProsperWorks revealed that the intention of the company is to invest into it new technology with the fund raised so as to grow its marketing and sales team. He said they are aware of the threat Salesforce portray especially with their new offering in AI, he added that their intention is to also make such available to various businesses and not limited to large enterprises that can only give complex integrations and custom configurations. Additionally, he said, the aim of ProsperWorks is to make its own features that are machine learning-based available so that their sales can be pushed forward.

Apart from Salesforce, Microsoft is another company that is interested in providing CRM solutions by introducing more smart learning machines to its Dynamic 365.

This funding from ProsperWorks comes at a time when companies that rely on Google’s suite need them. The mere fact that Google is interested in the enterprise is good indication that the platform will continue to see growth. And this is a good thing for the businesses’ ecosystem. The Google ecosystem for Apps and Work is even much stronger now that Diane Green is overseeing Google’s business enterprise. This means that there will be a steady delivery of experience in modern CRM made available on productive platforms in the future to come.

Lee also attributes the success his company has registered to customers’ need for CRM solutions that are user-friendly and suites that are productive while pointing out Salesforce as an example.

Having such close to connection with Google does not come without some risks, though. Why we say this is because Google can decide to come up with its own CRM solution that is deeply integrated tomorrow. However, this notion does not seem to bother Lee. He said that Google would not want to go into coming up with its own when the one that is available to them for their Apps for Work is 100% committed to building for them.

Lee also mentioned that though Google could decide to build their own, he, however, noted that building CRM solution is not a walk in the park, it calls for dedication to be able to do so and also calls for marketing, sales which Google might not have time for considering that they need to be more concentrated in taking over the productivity market.

Lee said the company had recorded 504% year in, year out in 7 figures with not less than 63 thousand businesses on its portfolio. The company’s move to tap into Next World Capital is a clear indication that the company has eyes on the European market as well. He said that at the moment, the service is seeing good signs in Europe and plans to look more into the promising market.