Autonomous Drones Will Be Used As Flying Cabs in Dubai?

Autonomous drones are undergoing some tests, and there is a possibility that these will be used as cabs in Dubai. This is a great way to avoid a traffic jam and get to work or any other place in time. Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Authority examined the drones and demonstrated what they could do at a three-day event on which most of the world leaders were present.

Only one person can use this fully-automated drone, and the plan is to produce and use them by the middle of 2017. The unmanned aircraft you can see here is the first one ever assembled by Chinese firm Ehang. This drone is marked with the name 184, and it was unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, while it has been tested in Nevada. Even though you cannot put too much cargo in it, it will help you cover small distance efficiently and quickly.

When it was tested by Ehang, the complete range of the 184 was 2.2 miles, which is great in densely populated cities such as Dubai, New York or Tokyo, especially if it is used in emergency situations. This cab obviously has its flaws, but just by knowing that there is an autonomous passenger drone taxi which is being tested, implies that technology will soon develop even more and we will see these with greater mileage.

This is a really cool thing to see, and these autonomous drones will certainly help us avoid all the stress during the congested traffic. Hopefully, the sky will not be congested too! What do you think about this means of transportation?