Avid Turntable Isolation Platform Review


Have you ever heard of the term audiophile? These are people who want to listen to music on a much higher level than an ordinary listener, who listens to the radio or music in the car. Audiophile wants maximum acoustics and elimination of any interference.

As it is known that turntable reproduces the best sound of music, every true fan of quality sound will have one. Although CDs, DVDs, MP3s and many formats have emerged since the time vinyl records was in the forefront and that new options provide huge capacity, nothing has surpassed the sound from vinyl records. But the turntable is subject to vibration. They are mainly created by the speakers and can significantly impair the sound quality.

That is why the turntable isolation platform is another must-have device for every fan, but also for those who are not so dedicated to music. No one will like bad sound due to vibrations. So we will explain to you how the isolation platform works, present the Avid turntable isolation platform, which is considered one of the best on the market, but also talk about some other models.


What is the exact purpose?

As the conditions in which your turntable is while playing music are not perfect, something needs to be used to remove all that interference. And interference that is the most common is vibration that spreads over the surface and air and thus negatively affects vinyl records. Vibrations greatly reduce sound quality and it is impossible to avoid this except by using isolation platforms. That way, you will permanently solve that kind of problem. It’s not cheap to buy them, but don’t give up buying because of the price. Once you buy, it is a permanent solution, because insulation platforms last a very, very long time.

How does it work?

While it seems like a regular platform to you, it is of course much more than that. It serves as insulation and absorbs vibrations that would otherwise affect you turntable. It is specially made to absorb bass, which creates the biggest problems. There are three types of vibrations, and these are structural, airborne and self-generated. Structural affects by being transmitted through the surface on which your music device is located.

Airborne is created by speakers, especially bass, and the higher the volume, the stronger the interference. It affects by shaking the whole device. Self-generated is created by the device itself, so that parts in the interior create vibrations that interfere. And as the turntable is the most sensitive audio devices, you will hear every slightest distraction through the decline in sound quality.

Avid HiFi Company


As our focus today is an Avid HiFi product, let us first tell you a few words about them. They have been around for 25 years and as their name suggests, they specialize in HiFi devices. But many years before that, the founder of this company designed turntables. As their turntables are the main devices, it is clear that isolation platforms were also in their focus.

They guarantee that their products 100% eliminate interference and that their application is wide, so that they can also be used for CD players and amplifiers. And today we will present you one of their best devices, and that is….

AVID Turntable Isolation Platform

Intended primarily for the Avid turntable Diva, you can certainly use it for all other models that fit the dimensions. It is made of wood, and the four feet are made of a special type of soft rubber, which makes it extremely vibration-proof. It took them a while to choose a special type of tire, which removed 100% of the interference. It can withstand up to 50 kilograms of weight, and you can also choose between two colors. An exceptional choice, especially if you also use turntables produced by Avid.


Good alternatives

Due to the huge offer on the market, there are various models available, and your need will probably dictate which one to choose. See the in-depth article about the top 10 best models, and we will present you three of our choice.

Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform


It is so simple in design, you may not even notice it at first. It is only available in one color, and is probably the most suitable model for heavy turntables because it can withstand a very large weight. It consists of two platforms that are connected for even better absorption, because the lower one is heavier than the upper one. What may deter you from buying this model is the very high price, but the quality justifies that price. Also the design is so basic and only one available color may not fit if you have a certain style in the room where your HiFi devices are located.

Audiophile Base Platform

Since its beginnings, this company has just focused on technologies that will eliminate vibrations. This model features their fantastic system, which is even patented. It completely protects against all three types of vibrations that we wrote about earlier in the text. It is available in several sizes so you can easily find exactly what you need. It has a very simple design, it looks like a plate.

Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Isolation Platform

Made of the highest quality maple, it is available in two colors. Original color of maple and dark brown. Provides perfect balance and vibration protection. It is available in two sizes, so it is very likely to fit the turntable you have. It has a special non-slip coating. It is cheaper than the previous models we wrote about, so that can be a big plus for customers. The design is not at the highest level, because it looks like a piece of wood, more than anything else. And it is thin compared to others, although that doesn’t have a big impact on performance.


If you have had problems with sound quality so far, and you didn’t know what the best solution is, now it’s clear to you. Choose the model that suits you best and enjoy your favorite music.