Avoid These Filler Words to Write Better Sales Emails

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Writing sales emails can be challenging. What do you put in them to attract the attention of prospects and keep them reading long enough that they make it to the call-to-action? What makes the best email subject lines?

Cold emails are definitely a challenge, and many sales reps struggle to find the right words when it comes to writing them. Consequently, they end up relying on filler words that are simply put in place of doing the work to find the right ones.

The inside sales experts at Vanillasoft.com advise against using these common filler words that often come across as empty to the reader.

Technical Jargon

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Sales reps may be tempted to make their product sound more technical than it is, usually because they feel like it will add more value. They may also just be not aware that the terminology they use every day to describe their products and services just doesn’t stick well with the average person.

The result is that readers tend to skim and skip these over-detailed product descriptions and consequently miss the point of your email all-together. They’ll find nothing of value in your words and end up losing interest.

Ditch Vague Language

While you want to avoid technical language, vague phrasing can be just as bad or worse. When describing your product or service, make sure the words you choose are concise, specific, and simple. Compare these two sentences – which do you think works better?

“We provide retail software that can help you manage payroll, create accurate accounting ledgers, as well as automatically track sales.”


“We provide retail software solutions for businesses that are looking to optimize their operations with several useful tools.”

While the second option definitely sounds smooth, it doesn’t really offer any concrete information about what the product does. Instead, write sentences like the first one that is specific and that address the pain-points of your prospects. For example, many retail business owners struggle with accounting, so this is a great angle to take in your sales email.

All About You

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The truth is that no one is interested in you or the company you represent. What they want to know right away is what you can do for them, or rather, “What’s in it for me?” WIIFM-factor is the first and foremost thing you should consider when crafting sales emails.

No one wants to wait until the third or fourth paragraph to find out how you can help them with their problems and pain-points. You should be addressing this right away and write the email from the perspective of your prospect. What are their concerns, and what solutions can you offer them?

Various tools can help

There are things that you will not be able to see no matter how careful you are. This is the moment when you should take advantage of tools like thewordcounter.com that will analyze your article and can show problems like the number of repeated words and similar.

Skip the Pleasantries

Your prospects receive too many emails and have too little time to read them. Skip out on using empty phrases like, “I hope this email finds you well” or “I hope you had a lovely weekend.” Not only is it filler, but it also lacks in sincerity – and they know it.

Read Your Email Out Loud

After keeping in mind all these tips, always make sure you read your email out loud before sending it. It’ll help you catch all the filler words and awkward phrases that your prospect will likely skip.