Backlash PPV 2017 – Brand, Date And Location Confirmed

Ever since the WWE reintroduced the brand split, we got much more pay per view events that we usually receive as the company decided that they are going to make some of those events brand exclusive. When the split initially occurred, we have been getting two PPVs a month, but WWE realized that it’s a bit too much and they made few changes.

That is the main reason behind a lower number of pay per view events that we see now and that we will see in all of 2017. Backlash show was a Smackdown-exclusive last year, and it happened right after Summerslam as it was the first Smackdown Live pay per view in the era of brand split. The most notable thing that happened on that show was AJ Styles winning the title from Dean Ambrose and starting his reign as the WWE Champion.


There was a lot of speculation about when will Backlash be held in 2017 as well as where and which brand will be represented on that show. Well, the air has been cleared, and we are here to inform you that this event will again be for the blue brand. The pay per view will air live on the WWE Network from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois on May 21st of 2017.

So now we know which brand will be represented at Backlash this year. Raw will have Payback PPV on April 30th of 2017, while the red brand will also be introduced at the WWE Extreme Rules on June the 2nd. Smackdown will have this year’s Money In The Bank PPV on June 18th.