Backstage Heat On Rusev Is The Reason For His Loss At Fastlane?

Rusev has been one of the most dominant superstars ever since he made his debut just a couple of years ago. He went undefeated for a long time and he has been used in some of the typical WWE storylines as a guy outside of the country that is trying to take over while also bashing the United States of America. He lost his US title to John Cena at Wrestlemania 31 and has really never been the same since that moment.

WWE used him in a lot of comedy relief programs, but he survived those times as there was a real chance that he is going to end up as a comedy act just like some of the other foreigners before him. He remained relevant and was given the US Tile for the second time, only for him to drop it to Reigns last year.


Right now, he is again struggling to find his groove and the creative writing is really not helping him. He has been paired with Jinder Mahal, a guy that is brought back just he can elevate other talents. In wrestling terms, he is a jobber right now. He has even been given a nickname of “Handsome Rusev” which is not really something that is going to help a wrestler and make him look like a serious threat.

Rusev debuted his new hairstyle at the Fastlane PPV and it seems that it angered the management. He didn’t notify anybody and he had some backstage heat on him for that. On the actual PPV, we have seen the Big Show, a guy that is not even on TV, destroy him with three choke-slams and one KO punch. There are reports that it happened because that is Rusev’s punishment. He was buried by a guy that is not even regular on TV and that is not a good look for a guy that was known as “The Bulgarian Brute”.