‘Persona 5’ Release Date: News and Update

Source: www.psu.com

Ever since September 2016, which was the release date of “Persona 5”, the role-playing video game has been a hotbed of emotions and excitement for the players. What is so amazing about this game is its plot along with characters in Velvet Room, which you can check out in the most recent clip.

There, the players can find out more about Caroline and Justine. These characters are something like supervisors in Velvet Room who represent a good and a bad police. They exist in order to stir up the players to be better.

The protagonist of the game has a conversation with both Caroline and Justine. This conversation can lead into thinking that their role has to do something with social connections within the game, which are reflected directly on the protagonist of course.

In fact, Caroline and Justine have already shown up before in the game. Another trailer provides with Velvet Room in which Igor asks both of them to help the protagonist to move forward.

Source: kotaku.com

This new realm brings something new to it, and that is the creation of the new high-and-mighty personas through a rather odd and unusual ritual which involve our “supervisors.” Namely, it goes like this: Caroline and Justine slay the ones that already exist, and based on that, together they create a new persona.

The storyline of the game follows an introvert student who has moved from one school to another and in which he finds out that he is in possession of some strange abilities, but he is not the only one, his peers are in it as well. They have to work together in order to make changes, but they have to do that while being faced with everyday responsibilities.

“Persona 5” is now launching on April 4, 2017, and it will be available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.