Backstage News On AJ Styles Winning The WWE Championship


Everything was set for Jinder Mahal to take on Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series in a Champion vs. Champion match. Styles got the title shot at the Smackdown Live this past Tuesday, but nobody really thought that he was going to win it once it was announced. As the days went by, the talk about AJ possibly winning the belt from the Modern Day Maharaja started as WWE might have changed their plans.

In the end, those rumors that started surfacing a couple of days before Tuesday were right and AJ Styles won the championship, pinning Mahal clean. Now, why did WWE do this?

There is no official word on why Vince McMahon changed his mind to give the championship back to AJ Styles. The most logical reason behind this is the fact that Lesnar vs. Mahal match didn’t really peak the interest of many people. Now, Styles is a bigger name, and many fans will look forward to this battle at the Survivor Series.


John Cena was penciled in to be the special guest referee for Mahal vs. Lesnar, but those plans were changed alongside the match winner as now Styles is in the main event. The quick fix to get John Cena in the 5v5 traditional Survivor Series match was to put this superstar in it on the side of Smackdown Live as the fifth and final member of the blue team.

Originally, Styles was supposed to challenge Mahal for the WWE championship during the Clash of Champions PPV on December 17th. The company decided that AJ winning here was the way to go, but we can expect these two to have another duel at that show in December as Mahal has that rematch clause going on that WWE always uses.