Daniel Bryan Trying To Get Cleared To Return?

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WWE is always looking for that top babyface to lead their company into the future. They constantly have somebody like that at the top. From Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, to guys like John Cena, the WWE always had somebody to represent them in the mainstream media.

Nowadays, they are still trying to make Roman Reigns that man. They don’t even realize that somebody that was capable of taking that role and excelling in it is now on the sidelines, not cleared to make his return to the ring.

Daniel Bryan was a huge deal when he was in his prime. The fact of the matter is that nobody got the kind of reactions that he did. Bryan is a GM now, but he still gets amazing pops from the crowd. Injuries piled up, and WWE doctors couldn’t clear him to return.

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That doesn’t mean that Daniel wants to give up and has set his eyes on the return to the ring. Many doctors in the United States have said that his condition is great and that he would have no problem wrestling. Recently, he was asked whether or not he is working on making a comeback and here is what he had to say.

“I’m trying to get cleared as we speak, “Daniel said. “All my test have come back fantastic, better than people who have never had any concussion-type stuff. But it’s a weird thing. We’re in a weird situation politically with the climate around concussions; right now, it’s very difficult. WWE would love to have me back, but is that the smart thing for me as a business to bring me back?! If I was to come back, and they let me back, would they got a lot of flak for it?”