Backstage News On Paige Becoming The General Manager

Paige made her comeback a couple of months ago when she teamed up with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose to form a new Women’s faction. There is no doubt that Paige was the star of that team as she was there to lead them and to get these two newbies over with the crowd that follows the main rosters and not really NXT.

She was doing a good job, and she was back in action. Unfortunately, Paige got hurt again against Sasha Banks and that caused the doctors to diagnose her with the same neck injury that caused Edge to retire and end his career. WWE has kept her on TV, and she was walking to the ring with Mandy and Sonya, but she never battled once it was known that her in-ring career is over.

The company waited until after Wrestlemania in order for Paige to deliver her retirement speech. She has done a great job with it on Monday Night Raw and people cheered for her like they have done in the past when she was the biggest name in the Women’s division. Even though she practically said that she is gone and that she won’t appear much on the WWE TV, the company made her the new general manager of Smackdown Live.

The reports are saying that the decision to make her the next GM after Daniel Bryan returned to being an in-ring performer has been made at the last minute. Here is what Bryan Alvarez of the

“They decided on Tuesday she was gonna be the SD GM. So that should tell you everything you need to know about the Superstar Shake-Up. They will be switching people on Monday and then they’ll decide on who they wanna switch on Tuesday. I’m sure they’ve got some ideas about who’s going where right now. But nothing is official until they’ve been drafted one way or the other.”