The Reason Why Roman Reigns Is Getting A Rematch At Greatest Royal Rumble

It is fair to say that most of the fans were shocked when Roman Reigns didn’t win the championship at Wrestlemania. It’s not that the WWE Universe was disappointed, but they were caught off guard since the fans know how much has this company tried to push Roman down everybody’s throats. There is no doubt that he is their guy.

The original plan was, of course, to have him win the championship against Lesnar at Wrestlemania. He was supposed to survive all those F5’s and to finish the battle with his spear. We can’t even imagine how hard the crowd would have booed that finish. It would be one of the most hated endings of Wrestlemania of all time.

Knowing that he is going to get killed by the crowd yet again and realizing that they are going to go to Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble show, they handed the win to Lesnar, while planning to have a rematch over there.

Why is this the best decision for the WWE? Well, there are a lot of fans in Asia that like Roman Reigns. You can’t say that they have a lot of those “Internet fans” or “old school fans” that are going to notice what WWE is doing with Roman. They are just casuals, just like the kids, who like these superhero characters and are always going to cheer them no matter what.

WWE has seen this as an opportunity to give Roman the title while getting the reaction that they want. We are not sure how is that going to help him when he gets back to America. Is he now going to get cheered in the US just because the fans have heard him getting the babyface reaction off Amercian soil? Of course not.

But still, that is why Roman is going to win the belt in Saudi Arabia.