Big Update On Rusev’s Status With The WWE

When you take a look at the all of the superstars in the WWE over the course of past couple of months, there is no doubt that Rusev has been the most over guy in the company. He has risen in the ranks when it comes to fan appreciation as he has a good goofy face character and has an amazing catchphrase that fans love. His persona on Twitter is also fantastic.

One thing that proves just how great he has been and how much the fans like this guy is the fact that he has number one selling jersey on the If that doesn’t tell you how over he is with the WWE Universe, we don’t know what will.

But this is just not the role that the company wants Rusev to be in. They are actually mad that he is not a heel and that he can’t perform as a heel now since the fans love him. It must be hard for The Bulgarian Brute to deal with this since he should be pushed to the moon, but somebody just doesn’t want you to succeed.

That is why there were rumors that he even asked for his release. It’s hard working for somebody that holds you back and doesn’t give you what you deserve.

He removed everything where he is mentioning the WWE from his Twitter page, which had everybody wondering whether or not he is going to leave. tried to find out the truth, and they have reported that he is not going anywhere as of right now.

It looks like this is a part of some kind of storyline since WWE has stated that he is going to be one of the guys that are entering the Royal Rumble at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.