Backstage Reaction To Titus O’Neil Falling At WWE GRR Event!

If you haven’t seen Titus O’Neil and his fall during the greatest Royal Rumble match, you are probably living under the rock. You need to stop what you are doing right now and check out Titus coming to the ring in the Rumble, stumbling on the mat and falling so hard that he slid under the ring after he had fallen. It’s truly something that you don’t see very often. It’s one of the biggest botches in recent memory.

It was huge on social media, people made a GIF out of it and everybody has been laughing so hard when it happened. Even the commentators couldn’t believe what they had seen, the trio behind the desk couldn’t help themselves but laugh at that situation.

Cory Graves said that this is maybe the greatest thing that he had ever seen, while Michael Cole called it one of the greatest Royal Rumble moments ever.

According to the reports, everyone went crazy in the backstage when this happened. The laughter was in the air. The people who were working on producing this show had no choice but to replay the botch again because of what commentators did.

WWE didn’t want to sweep this under the rug like they usually do when things like that happen. Instead of that, we wouldn’t be surprised if they have this be a part of his gimmick going forward.

The videos of him falling down from all the angles are already on WWE’s Youtube channel. Superstars that were in the match and at the back even commentated on what they had seen on that Friday night. That is the kind of reaction that this fall from the leader of the Titus Worldwide has caused.