WWE Reveals The Salaries Of Its Superstars (2018)

Some people don’t take the wrestling business seriously, but they will after they see how much does biggest WWE stars earn. The company revealed the base salaries of all members of both Raw and Smackdown rosters.

The biggest earner is Brock Lesnar, which could be expected as this part-time jobber is the central piece of machinery ever since The Rock left WWE. The Beast Incarnate earns staggering $12 million a year after bonuses. We say, part-timer, as he only participates in a limited number of events. For every main match, Lesnar receiver additional $500,000 while another $100,000 comes from merchandise sales.

Second in line is The Champ, John Cena who gets $8.5 million on a yearly basis. $500,000 is there for main events, while his percentage of merchandise sales stands at 5%.

The Big Dog, Roman Reigns closes the top three with $5 million. Randy Orton follows with 4.5 million. The current WWE champion AJ Styles pockets $3.5 million. Behind them is Set Rollins, another Shield member with annual revenue of $3 million. The Miz lurks behind the top six earners with $2.5 million a year.

Closest to them is Dean Ambrose who has a contract that guarantees him $2 million.

Dolph Ziegler who was one of the company’s best workers in past years just signed a new contract. $1.5 million was enough to keep him tied to WWE, amid the rumors that he was ready to quit.

Bray Wyatt, Sheamus, and Jeff Hardy all have contracts in a region of $1 million each. Under the $1 million mark, there are wrestlers such as Jinder Mahal with $900,000, Big Show with $850,000, Rusev with $600,000 while Chris Jericho cashes in $750,000 for his part-time deal. Below you have the full list.


Brock Lesnar $12million

John Cena $8.5million

Roman Reigns $5million

Randy Orton $4.5million

AJ Styles $3.5million

Seth Rollins $3million

The Miz $2.5million

Triple H $2.5million

Undertaker $2.5million

Dean Ambrose $2million

Kevin Owens $2million

Dolph Ziggler $1.5million

Sheamus $1million

Jeff Hardy $1million

Bray Wyatt $1million

Finn Balor $1million

Jinder Mahal $900,000

Kane $900,000

Big Show $850,000

Samoa Joe $800,000

Rusev $800,000

Chris Jericho $750,000

Sin Cara $700,000

Matt Hardy $650,000

Luke Harper $550,000

Erick Rowan $550,000

R-Truth $550,000

Kofi Kingston $500,000

Xavier Woods $500,000

Big E $500,000

Rhyno $500,000

Cesaro $500,000

Sami Zayn $500,000

Goldust $400,000

Heath Slater $400,000

Fandango $400,000

Kalisto $350,000

Titus O’Neill $300,000

Bo Dallas $300,000

Braun Strowman $300,000

Apollo Crews $300,000

Scott Dawson $250,000

Luke Gallows $250,000

Big Cass $250,000

Jey USO $250,000

Jimmy USO $250,000

Curtis Axel $250,000

Curt Hawkins $200,000

Epico Colon $200,000

Mike Kanellis $200,000


Ronda Rousey $1.5million

Charlotte Flair $550,000

Nikki Bella $350,000

Alexa Bliss $350,000

Mickie James $300,000

Brie Bella $300,000

Natalya $300,000

Asuka $250,000

Becky Lynch $250,000

Dana Brooke $200,000

Bayley $200,000

Lana $200,000

Naomi $180,000

Carmella $120,000

Nia Jax 100,000

Sonya Deville $100,000

Mandy Rose $80,000

Rubby Riott $80,000

Sarah Logan $80,000

Tamina $80,000

Liv Morgan $80,000