8 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas For Your New Patio – 2024 Guide


A patio is quite possibly the best way to enjoy your backyard. But no patio is complete without a fire pit to keep you nice and warm during chilly nights.

There is no better way to create a space where the entire family can get together and spend quality time while also maintaining comfort. Soothing Company has some really great fire pits and fireplaces that you can add to your backyard. But if you want to do it yourself and you’re void of ideas on how to do it, then we have the article just for you.
In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the 8 backyard fire pit ideas for your new patio. This article will be your guide for 2024, so pay attention.

1. Square Pits


The easiest way to create a fire pit in the middle of your patio is to simply dig up a square. This is an idea that holds the value of modern minimalism because it is quite easy to pull off.
All you have to do is simply dig a square in the middle and place lots of small rocks on the sides. The chamber can be made out of anything you want, but it needs to go in the middle for aesthetical reasons.
At the end of the square, you can place a bunch of blocks to elevate it and give it shape.

2. In-Grounds


While the previously mentioned idea is one that accounts for an in-ground fire pit, this one is the true embodiment. Like the previous one, in-grounds pits are the easiest to pull off as all you need to do is a bit of digging.

Also, these are quite safe as the fire pit is surrounded by dirt and stones and thus cannot blaze of control. But the important thing here is that the flaming wood won’t get into your way even during windy nights.
This is what makes them so popular.

3. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit


If you’re quite the DIY-er, then this idea will mostly appeal to you. While every single one of these ideas can be made by yourself, this one is probably the most interesting as it involves using stuff we have at home.
But the problem with this idea is that you have to have a spare washing machine drum. If you don’t come across one, then you can easily buy one from scrap or junkyard.

But when you do get it, then you can turn it into a wonderful fire pit that everyone can enjoy around the patio. Not only is this idea brilliant because it’s dirt cheap, but it also offers excellent protection in the case of windy nights.

You’ll be using the inside of the drum as your base and thus giving it more depth to work with.

4. A Patio And A Pit


If you’re making a brand new patio, then do make sure to base the design off your fire pit. The whole point of the article is to create a space where you’ll enjoy both.
And that’s exactly what you’re doing with this idea. If the fire pit has a fixed place in your backyard, then you have to base the patio around it.

5. Concrete Pits


One of the safest, most affordable, and easiest designs to pull off involves using concrete.
Everyone knows what concrete is capable of and everyone knows that the material is water-resistant. And that’s exactly why you need to use concrete.

As for the design itself, the best way to pull off a stunning look is to create a bowl-shape design for your fire pit. You can also choose whether you want the pit to be gas-fueled or wood-fueled.

If you opt for gas, then you can place lots of smaller rocks inside to give it a better feel and look.
This is a very interesting design that is super popular amongst millennials. If you’re interested in a complete list of the highest-rated designs for 2024, then make sure to visit Fireinstyle.com.

6. Pit & Grill


What better reason to combine patio and fire pit then the prospect of using it as a grill? You can get creative with this one as you need to find a way how to use the fire pit as a grill.
For the sake of it, we suggest you go through some of the previous ideas on this list to get a better feel. But the important thing to keep in mind is that the pit has to be able to transition into a barbeque at any point.
There is no better way to welcome family and friends than to invite them to your brand new pin & grill patio.

7. Stone-Walled


Stone is the best when it comes to creating your very own backyard fire pit. Additionally, the material is quite versatile and can accommodate any setting or surroundings.
So, the stone should be the material to build the perfect fire pit around your patio. And the best part about it is that stone is perfect for roasting marshmallows and barbeque.

8. Cinder Blocks Rocks


Anyone can buy a fire pit from the store, but the more economical option is to make one yourself. The reason why you should do it doesn’t stem from economical reasons, but more personal.
Ideally, you’d want the fire pit to work perfectly with your patio and the rest of your yard settings. So, naturally, the best way to achieve this is to make one yourself.
We’ve talked extensively about the stone as the primary material to create the ideal fire pit. But how about cinder blocks?

Cinder blocks, to put it simply, rock when it comes to making the perfect outdoor fire pit for you and the rest of your family. If you happened to have a few lying around from a previous construction project, then this is the perfect idea that will work excellently with your outdoor patio.
These were some of our fire pit ideas for your new outdoor patio. Regardless of which you choose, make sure for it to work with your patio.