Baltimore Ravens And Pittsburgh Steelers Ready For Big Week 16 Showdown

Steelers went into this week ahead of the Ravens in the schedule, but that really didn’t mean much as all of that can change next round. Regardless of their performance in Cincy, they need to be on the top of their game next week if they want to book their Playoff spot.

They are the winners of four straight games heading into Week 16. Bengals took an early 20:6 lead, but this Pittsburgh defense that was shaky all season long stepped up and stopped Andy Dalton in the second half of the match. The offense also responded, and it all ended in Pittsburgh’s favor with 24:20 win.

Ravens also needed the win on their home turf after that Monday Night Loss to the Patriots. It was probably much closer than they would have liked, but Baltimore ended on top in their matchup with the Eagles. Now, they are ready to go to Heinz field and secure their spot in the postseason.

Steelers and Ravens will meet in the biggest game of the year for both teams next week. Pittsburgh is favored to win that duel as they are the ones that have the home-field advantage, but who knows what might happen. This is a heated divisional rivalry, and these kinds of matches are the best ones when there is a lot on the line. The winner will gain a lot, while the loser will be in a pretty tough position. If the Ravens lose that one, they would be officially done. High stakes game no doubt.