Giants Putting The Pressure On Dallas In Win Over Detriot

New York Football Giants have lost just one game in their last nine meetings. After making a statement against the Cowboys, they were able to slow down the Detriot Lions and their MVP candidate Matthew Stafford. New York has the weapons on the offensive side of the ball, and that was their signature in the past couple of years.

What also was a part of their signature in those years is not making the Playoffs. Well, now it’s clear that their defense is, and will be, the key to their success. After holding Dak Prescott to under 200 passing yards and only 7 points, they did a similar thing to Stafford and his Lions while holding them to only two field goals.

Dallas has the advantage as they are still at the top of the NFC, but the Giants are putting on some real pressure as they are making them win their remaining duels in order to stay at the top.

With this win, the Giants are almost a lock to make it to the Playoffs as that first Wild Card team, but they still have a shot at the divisional title. They have the tiebreaker going for them against the Cowboys, but they also need Dallas to slip up in the last couple of games. If Dallas starts losing, things could get very interesting in Weeks 16 and 17. Their Week 15 matchup against Bucs will be the key.

The current situation is that Cowboys are sitting at 11-2 while the Giants are at 10-4. Obviously, New York can take over the first spot, but they will need for Boys to lose two out of three matchups they have.