Batista Reveals His Favorite Wrestler Today


A lot of casual WWE fans and people that used to watch the WWE back in the days still love Batista and would be thrilled to see him back. Nobody really knows if he is going to come back to the ring again after that run in 2014, but there is always a chance for that as the company has approached him with ideas for his character and he has been willing to listen.

They haven’t come up with something that both sides would like, but the fact that he is open to all ideas might suggest that he will be back someday. When? Well, it is a tough question to answer. If this guy sees something that he likes and the time is right, there is no doubt that the company would pull the trigger as he is still a big draw.

Recently, The Animal was a guest on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, which is always fun to listen to as Chris does a very good job with his guests as he picks great questions. He asked Batista who does he like the most out of all of these new guys that burst onto the scenes in the past couple of years and here is what he said.


“I haven’t watched in a long time, but, yeah, I was watching kind of one in a while. Well, the new guys that I did like, they’re not really new anymore. Bray Wyatt. I thought he is incredible. I love everything about that kid.”

The Animal also added that he really likes what he is all about as he is just focused on his career and the character of Bray Wyatt, how to make it better and how to succeed in the WWE. The fact is that many people like and respect Bray Wyatt for the kind of work on the mic that he has done and Batista is for sure one of them.