Battlefield 1: Multiplayer options that you didn’t know were there

Everyone who has spent hours playing Battlefield 1 thinks he/she knows everything that there is. There is much to learn, and it’s so hard to cover everything no matter how versed you are in playing Battlefield 1 on multiplayer.

Here are some things, call them tips or advice or whatever you want. Some of them you have already known or mastered, but some might be new to all of you. So, let’s start.

Free-look from planes

This option Is more noticeable when playing on a console rather than on PC. All you need to do is to go to options menu and click Key Bindings and bind a key to this function. Doing this will allow you to look left, right and back when you are flying in a plane. To activate this feature, you will have to press and hold the key that you tasked to this option and then move the mouse to look in the direction you choose.

Multiplayer announcer can be voiced by male person

This option is unknown to most Battlefield 1 family of players. Women voice is the default option offered, and most of the people believe that it’s the only one. This can be changed in the Options menu under the ‘Announcer Voice’ option when you click on ‘Audio’.

Prevention of accidental orders issuing when pressing the spot button

Lots of us have pressed spot button more than once when playing the squad leader without even having the necessity to do so. In an attempt to locate the enemy most of us issue attack and defend orders without the need or intent to do anything like that.

Battlefield 1 requires more precision when spotting the enemies if you want to complete your task perfectly. In order to reveal them, you need to point in the exact direction where they are. While doing this, the game often interprets that as if you were giving the orders.

This can be stopped in the Options menu under Gameplay>Advanced and set Context-Based Order Giving to No. After this, you will have to manually choose your order from the list that will pop-out whenever you are in a position to give attack or defend orders.

Individual turrets on tanks can be disabled

On previous installments of Battlefield, tanks had only one health bar, and you were able to destroy them by lowering amount of that single health scale. On Battlefield 1 every single turret on the tank has a health bar of its own. This means that you can improve your chances of destroying tanks by limiting its artillery reach. Every turret covers part of the entire tank radius, and with eliminating each one individually, you can find a blind spot on every tank. That’s how you can get close to them to plant the explosives or to take your time for precision aim with AT-Rocket gun.

Putting the bayonet on your rifle will slow down the engaging of the weapon after sprinting

We all know the advantages of putting on the bayonet. It enhances your chances of winning in a close combat fight. The downside of this is that after running for some distance and putting this addition on, your soldier will be slow to use the weapon. The speed of using the rifle with or without the bayonet is small but noticeable. Sometimes this slowing you down will mean the difference between life or death, especially in close combat.

Ignition of Bayonet charge will enhance your speed through water

At this moment we are not sure whether this is a bug or unintended mistake by its developers but in Battlefield 1 you can rush faster through water when going on melee charge. This works as a great advantage in maps where you have to cross many water obstacles. One of the ways to utilize this is to flank the enemies by going through water. This action will require time to complete, but it will be done in less than half of the time you would normally need.

As an attacker you get some of your tickets refunded through killing remaining defenders in operations.

When on attacking team in Operations you can get some of your tickets refunded. All you need to do is to kill the remaining defenders after the sector have been taken. When one of your teammates spawns, your tickets are lowered in numbers so you can increase them back by killing remaining defenders. This also makes it easier for you to attack the next sector. What makes them easy to kill is that they are highlighted after the area is taken. Don’t waste your time when in this situation but execute them to gain more than one reward.

Your health and ammo instantly refill after successful retreat

When on a defending team in Operations you will more than once end up losing your sector. After the loss, you will have to withdraw as quickly as you can, and while doing this, you will be trying to survive. This is important for many reasons. No free tickets for attackers and your ammo and health will refill after the successful retreat.

People can be killed with Syringe and Repair Hammer

These two are not meant to kill other players, but it certainly can be done so with them. When in a pinch Syringe and Hammer could be used to attack. The first one can be utilized for an instant elimination, but you first need to charge it before giving a hit. Hammer, on the other hand, kills by repeating the action over and over again. Not a clean way to execute your enemies but a useful one for sure.