BMW i8 delivered to Australian police force

Nowadays everybody knows that the most tricked out police force is located in Dubai and Los Angeles. They own a several top-notch sport car exotics that are more than incredible, but what is new is that the Land Down Under has joined them. Australian local police force has received a bit unexpected delivery – the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. It will join some of the vehicles in their lineup, but what is strange is that this one won’t be used for hot pursuits on the Aussie highways. It will have a role in making appearances at community events to increase awareness and engagement.

When you see an exotic vehicle such as BMW i8 wearing police colors, one thing must spring in your mind, and that is that this one could be a suitable replacement for the GM’s Ultralite concept driven by Sylvester Stallone far back in 1993 in the movie Demolition Man. What is kinda funny here is that the GM’s concept back then was made to impact the fuel consumption department heavily, and it was rated at 88 miles per gallon which was at that point more than impressive. It is even impressive by today standards especially when you consider the i8 than can do 76 MPGe according to EPA. There are other few things that these two cars have in common ant that is the extent of carbon fiber usage and a three cylinder 1.5 L engine, while the door opening mechanism is to some degree similar.

There is one thing that Rose Bay Police Squad wants to point out, and that is that this vehicle is a loaner from BMW Sydney and that the tax payers money is intact. This is important to know because Rose Bay Police Squad, not that far back, received another special car the Audi S7 Sportback. But wait, this still isn’t all. The Aussie police tried very hard to follow the path of Dubai and Los Angeles PD vehicle lineup and received some more of these exotics which include a Porsche 911 Carrera, a Lexus RC F, Volvo S60 which has been modified by Polestar, and a Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe. This is more than an impressive fleet of cars which rack up a quite a bill, but that is why the previous info about taxpayers money had to be said. All of these vehicles are either loaners or gifts, so dear citizens, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your money is being used for something smarter.