Baywatch – Extended Morgue Scene


What made our summer complete and filled it with laughter is certainly hilarious reboot of Baywatch. Although there are numerous comments that it’s stupid and juvenile, one cannot but admit it makes you burst into laughter. Anyway, what more do we need for a relaxing and pleasant summer days?

However, there is one scene from the movie which intrigued innumerable viewers. Namely, it was deleted, but now that we have found it, we can say that it clearly shows that there was so much more in the original cut. It is the full morgue scene which definitely deserved to be in the final cut if you ask us. It would have been much more amusing if they hadn’t strike it out, just like the line ‘Where are you two taking Frankenstein here, to the roof, hoping for a lightening storm?’ This joke about Dwayne The Rock Johnson is hilarious.


The movie was a great hit, and a huge number of fans really loved it. The blend of extremely popular Johnson, with his natural charisma and gigantic smile and Zac Efron was a perfect move. Efron seemed to be rather self-effacing apart from being a superb actor.

As you can remember, Baywatch was a highly popular TV drama series which ran during the 1990s. The leading actor in the role of Mitch Buchannon was David Hasselhoff, while in the rebooted version Johnson stars legendary Lt. Mitch Buchannon, whose mission is to prove together with his elite squad of lifeguards that one doesn’t have to wear a badge to save the bay once a crime wave hits his beach.


He is accompanied by a trio of handsome recruits including a former Olympian, portrayed by Zac Efron. They go deep undercover to take down a merciless businesswoman, played by Priyanka Chopra, as she threatens the future of the bay.

Good news – Baywatch is now out on digital download and on BLU-RAY and DVD from September 25.