A “Beautiful” Pontiac Firebird Trans Am up for sale on Craigslist in Kansas City!


You probably wonder why we wrote “beautiful” like this? Well if you are impatient scroll down to pictures immediately and you will see why, if not, read first, then watch and deduce later. This iconic American vehicle is well known around the world, and very few people can say they never heard about it. Some may say they like it some may not but the one we have here before you is,… well decide for yourself.


I understand that tastes should not be discussed and that some of you may actually like this car, but for me, this is something just wrong. Well, at least part of it. According to the owner of this “fine” vehicle, he put just around of $8,000 of upgrades into this coupe. To some this just looks like $8,000 needlessly thrown away making this iconic attractive blue Trans Am a rolling portrait of stupidity that scares everyone on the streets.


When I said only one part of the car is simply wrong, I meant the interior of it. The exterior is rather nice, with the especially sweet tone of blue paintwork, but I believe that those chrome wheel arches and that large rear spoiler are a little too much. The hood design is also off, and I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out what he wanted to express with it.


The interior is a whole different story. Trans Am’s used to have such a nice interior, well at least for their period, but this one is just yuck! The owner decided to re-trim the entire cabin, but he just chose the worst material on earth. Yes, it maybe looks comfortable but material from a broken down couch found in a dumpster is just a wrong way to go. It really lacks taste and personality. To make things worse owner decided everything is not colorful enough and thrown in a blue and black steering wheel and blue and black floor mats with a Zebra patterned design for extra credit.


According to the seller, this one is a “beautiful” car you can drive to shows and use as your daily driver. Dude, I don’t think so! You should hide this one and hide it for good.

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Miloš Kalajdžić
My name is Miloš Kalajdžić and I come from Brčko DC in Bosnia. I was born on July 20 th 1988 and so far I obtained a BSc in economics and one year of working experience in my field of study. I am a very hard-working person who leaves nothing unfinished and halfway done. When I commit to something I give my best to make sure that everything is done the way as it is supposed to be. I like cars and everything that comes with them. My passion are American muscle cars, but unfortunately the closest I managed to come near one is behind my laptop watching an image of the new Chevy or Dodge and writing about it. But that’s ok I’m still optimistic. When I’m not behind the laptop writing I’m on the streets and auto shows admiring all stuff rolling on four wheels being propelled by a petrol engine!