Audi Q9 Concept – a Crossover Coupe without need for!


Audi is definitely on fire lately especially with their range expansion which is nothing less than impressive. According to their plan they already have, or will very soon, a vehicle in every segment – starting from classic sedans and wagons, through a whole range of sports cars and all to the SUV segment. The company’s next thing is the addition of the Q8 and Q4 crossovers which are set to arrive in 2019 respectively, but we ask you, do they and we need another SUV?

That question is answered by Hungarian designer X-Tomi, and his answer is a big YES! Apparently, he thinks that Audi might benefit from a flagship coupe-SUV that is another step further than the upcoming Q8. He called his virtual concept Q9 and its a futuristic, five-door SUV with a sloping roofline, massive wheels, and an intimidating appearance. Since the German carmaker is focused on the electrification of their fleet, this one is probably conceived as an SUV with an electric powertrain as well. This hypothetical Q9 would use the platform of the Q8, and it would offer its customers a lot more different design approach and a lot more interior features.

As things are now, the Audi Q9 concept will most likely remain a fantasy and a virtual concept creation. Audi has set their mind that the range-topping SUV is the Q8 which will thankfully arrive as a production vehicle in 2018. The Q8 will make use of the “great spaciousness and emotive design” combo and offer buyers all “the latest technologies in assistance and infotainment systems.” Some early reports state that the Q8 might just be one of the company’s most expensive models with a price tag close to $106,000 mark which is not a small deal. But since nothing is confirmed yet, we advise you to wait for the official pricing before jumping to conclusions.

It is envisioned to be nearly the same size as the Q7, but it will sit a lot lower to the ground with a somewhat wider track which will help its stability and cornering capabilities. The production of the Q8 is slated for next year, and it starts in Bratislava, Slovakia.