Jeff Hardy Hits Dwayne Johnson With The People’s Elbow – Remember This?


Jeff and Matt Hardy returned to WWE at Wrestlemania 33 and were triumphant. The popular duo dominated the Raw tag-team championship and won in a hard-hitting Ladder Match, taking the belts home.

All of us remember Jeff Hardy when he was young and his incredible moves. He could defeat any opponent easily, and the company also remembers. That is why they posted a video od Jeff’s early run when he fought against Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It was a great duel, but the spotlight moment was when Jeff hit The Rock with a People’s Elbow.

Jeff Hardy kicked The Rock’s right arm while he was on the floor and then, Hardy ran from rope to rope. He stood over his opponent and mocked him for a few seconds when he delivered an elbow drop. After that, Jeff climbed to the top rope and performed a Swanton Bomb, which became his signature move. He was just about to win the match, but The Rock somehow gathered his strength and kicked out.

Dwayne Johnson finished him off, and Jeff was unable to lift his shoulder up and continue to fight. This was a match on Raw back in 2003. The wrestling company and Jeff Hardy parted ways because of his erratic behavior, lack of professionalism, not showing up and after some time his in-ring performances decreased.

Jeff admitted that he was “burnt out, ” and because of that he needed rest, but he was also said to use illegal substances. In 2006, he returned to stay for four years and win several titles among which is the WWE champion. It is good to see Jeff and his brother Matt Hardy back in the ring as the best tag-team.