Becky Lynch Joining Total Divas?

Women’s wrestling is now at the all-time peak as the company has never possessed the amount of talent in the women’s division as they do now. In the past, the women were nothing but sex objects that were there to parade around and show off their bodies. WWE has often hired models that have no clue how to work in the ring.

Nowadays, they are skilled performers that know how and what needs to be done. They aren’t even called divas anymore, but just superstars, as that is the way to make them just as important as men. People now can see women’s wrestling sometimes being even better than what males are capable of doing in the ring.

Still, the WWE has launched Total Divas show on the E! Network. It is a great opportunity for all the women that want to be a part of it as it shows their private lives and their everyday interactions. It can open many other opportunities for the women that are involved. Natalya, Paige, Naomi, Maryse are just a few women at the top of our heads that were involved on Total Divas.

One of the women that have never been a part of it is Becky Lynch. Here is what she said about maybe appearing on the WWE Total Divas.

“Honestly, you’re the first person that’s said that to me. I haven’t heard anything about that. I think there’s a certain – not a whole lot – but a certain amount of mystery to me that I don’t really envision that as the best option for me to take part in. It’s a tremendous opportunity for those that do it, I just don’t know that it’s my thing. When I envisioned my life as a little girl, that was never in my horizons. I’m going to stay with what I want in the future. I don’t see that being reality TV.”