Best 2D Game Engines You Should Pay Attention to in 2024

2D games are still popular – that’s a fact. No development of 3D technologies has affected their viability. Moreover, new 2D arcade games and platformers appear regularly and many of them become top. Of course, this is provided that the correct vector of development has been chosen and all modern trends have been taken into account. The best way not to miscalculate is to turn to a professional for advice or full help. Let’s say, 2D game art outsourcing at Kevuru Games is a great option for those who are worried about the success of their games.

2D games are easier to make than 3D games – that’s a fact. The code is simpler, all shapes are 2D, and there is no need to create 3D models. Such games can be developed by small teams, and even by the newly introduced loners.

There are many engines for creating 2D games and this is also a fact. The most different ones, from elementary for beginners to more advanced, where you need to navigate a little in the code – we will consider all those that enjoy special respect from developers in 2024.

GameMaker Studio 2

This 2D game engine can rightfully be called the first stop on the way to the world of game design. For a person who is embarking on the development path for the first time, nothing pleases the eye more than drag-and-drop functionality, an elementary interface and the simplest intuitive tools. It uses its own language called GML.

It’s hard to imagine something simpler for beginners: there are no complicated bells and whistles, no daunting requirements. In addition, you can find a collection of tutorials and guides on this engine on the Internet. Many different add-ons can be easily found if needed that allow you to customize it to create a platformer or RPG with a top view.


Everyone has heard about it; everyone knows about it. It is a giant that almost always appears at the forefront of lists of engines used on the websites of gaming companies. It is not limited to 2D and is often used to create 3D games. However, this is not our topic today. So, despite the fact that Unity is not as simple as our previous candidate, a large number of instructions, tutorials, discussions and recommendations will not let you get lost in its specifics if you really want to master it.

On the official Unity website, you can also find special add-ons that greatly simplify the scheme for creating 2D games. For example, there are special add-ons aimed specifically at platformers: with their help, you can freely engage in a particular genre without being distracted by other possibilities and tools that can be confusing.


It is an open source engine that supports both 2D and 3D game development. Its main advantages are speed and lightweightness. It works in its own language called GDScript, which is very easy for even beginners to learn. The engine is very well designed and has a certain number of admirers. However, it has not yet reached the forefront and cannot boast of top-end game projects created with its help: most likely, everything is ahead, because the competition is very high.

The focus is on having great tools and a visually-oriented workflow that can be exported to mobile, PCs, and web platforms. The engine has friendly content creation interfaces for artists, level designers, animators. It also allows you to implement real-time editing.


Despite the somewhat intimidating name given the recent events, Corona is a cross-platform framework that is ideal for creating games and applications for mobile and PC. It uses its language called Lua, which does not cause any difficulties in learning. The engine offers many built-in APIs, plugins and extensions.

Any changes are visible in real time, and thanks to clear explanations and instructions, the engine is understandable even despite the lack of a classic interface in the conventional sense.

Construct 3

This is ideal for those who don’t want to dig into codes. The third incarnation is implemented entirely on HTML5 technologies, so there is no need to download and install to use. You just need to open the corresponding tab in your browser and create a project directly in online mode using the drag-and-drop functionality.

You are not limited to any genre: puzzles, platformers, arcade shooters, and even something individual or completely new. A complete game can be done very quickly, literally in half an hour. Instead of programming, you can use a special editor – the Event Sheet Editor. It’s easy to learn and will allow you to speed up your development process.

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How to Choose the Best Engine for 2D Games?

The abundance of engines can lead to confusion: each developer has their own favorite and will praise it no matter what.

If you don’t have specific ambitious goals for creating 2D games, you can try your luck and use different tools at random. But if you need a game that easily falls into the featured list of famous stores. Experienced experts will help you with 2D art, and if necessary, they will guide you through all the stages of creation of any 2D game you want. You just have to formulate your wishes: everyone knows that they have the ability to come true.