12 Best Websites for Game Guides

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Over the past few years, the video games industry has seen the resurgence of the souls-like games which are known for tough fights, difficult combat, labyrinthine areas and NPCs with pretty complicated and unclear quest lines. This has led to an increased search and interest for gamers and websites who can provide detailed walkthroughs for the complete game as well as quick helps like how to locate a particular piece of armour, how to get hold of a powerful weapon, how to get a strong build and so on. Lets look at a few places that are fast emerging as the best go-to hubs for such game guides and walkthroughs.

1. ProGame Guides

ProGame Guides
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As the name suggests, this is a website that has become the favourite for a lot of gamers thanks to the detailed, step by step walkthroughs for a huge number of games. The website has been around for a long time and has steadily built its authority around helping gamers complete difficult games by giving them just the right guidance.

2. GamesHorizon


GamesHorizon first came into prominence by giving out really helpful and crisp articles on souls-likes like Lies Of P, Remnant 2 and Armored Core 6. While the website also covers breaking news, new game reviews and has an extensive feature and opinion pieces; it is fast gaining recognition among the gaming community for the quality of its game guides – and also the spread of games that it now covers; which ranges from live service games to the most recent releases.

3. FightinCowboy

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A YouTube channel is next on our list. This channel is probably the most identified name and channel when it comes to souls-like and difficult action games – with a let’s play which is a first run on the game, to 100% walkthroughs – which is like a full guide to get all trophies, achievements and collectibles – the skill and expertise is very much on display – be it the commentary that accompanies the video, or the gameplay itself.

4. Fextralife

The website, while already around for a while – received huge spike in following and views at the time of the release of Elden Ring – and became the default go to source for a variety of builds that one could use to play the game. Since then, the website has not looked back and has put out consistent, high quality content which has gained the appreciation and following of a huge set of gamers across the world.

5. IGN

You cannot have gaming content being discussed and IGN not being mentioned. Be it news or reviews, or – game guides – IGN continues to be the behemoth that towers over all gaming coverage – thanks to its huge set of contributors – it puts up a detailed walkthrough for the latest releases in record short time – and thus for a lot of gamers who buy a game early – this inevitably becomes their best source for game guides. Make no mistake though – it is not just timing, but comprehensiveness – detailed steps, with the right images make it an engaging and high quality read.

6. GameFAQs

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One such platform is GameFAQs, a veteran in the field, known for its vast collection of FAQs and walkthroughs submitted by the gaming community itself. What sets GameFAQs apart is its forum-based structure, where gamers can directly interact, ask questions, and share their own tips and tricks. This peer-to-peer support system makes GameFAQs a unique repository of gaming knowledge, covering even the most obscure titles.

7. Polygon

Another notable mention is Polygon, which, in addition to providing news and reviews, offers thoughtful guides and feature articles. Polygon’s content often dives deep into gaming culture and trends, offering readers more than just tips and tricks. Their guides are known for being well-researched and written in a way that’s engaging and informative, making complex games more accessible to the average player.

8. Eurogamer


Eurogamer is also a significant player in this space, with its “Digital Foundry” section offering in-depth technical analysis of games. This is particularly valuable for gamers interested in the performance aspects of games, such as frame rates, graphical settings, and hardware requirements. Eurogamer’s guides often come with detailed videos and articles, providing a comprehensive look at how games run on various platforms.

9. Steam Community Guides

Lastly, Steam Community Guides have emerged as a powerful resource, especially for PC gamers. Hosted on the Steam platform, these guides are created by the players themselves and cover a wide range of topics from basic game walkthroughs to advanced strategies and modding tips. The integrated nature of these guides within the Steam platform allows for a seamless experience, where players can access helpful information without leaving their gaming environment.

10. Kotaku: Gaming Culture and Guides

Kotaku stands out for its focus on both gaming culture and practical game guides. Known for its informal and candid editorial style, Kotaku delves into the stories behind the games and the communities that play them, while also providing helpful guides and tips for a variety of titles. The site’s guides are particularly appreciated for their insights into gaming trends, hidden game features, and easter eggs, making it a favorite among gamers who enjoy both the lore and mechanics of their games.

11. Rock, Paper, Shotgun: The PC Gamer’s Haven

Dedicated primarily to PC gaming, Rock, Paper, Shotgun offers an array of content that spans game reviews, news, and detailed guides. What makes this site particularly appealing to PC gamers is its focus on indie games and the modding community, providing a wealth of information on game mods, customizations, and enhancements. Their game guides are thorough and tailored specifically to the PC gaming audience, often highlighting unique aspects of PC gameplay and performance optimization.

12. Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb distinguishes itself with a comprehensive approach to gaming content, blending humorous and insightful video content with traditional written guides and reviews. This site offers an extensive database of games, complete with user-generated reviews and detailed guides that cover a broad spectrum of gaming genres and platforms. What sets Giant Bomb apart is its community-focused features, such as user-created wikis and forums, allowing gamers to contribute their knowledge and strategies. This collaborative approach ensures that the content is both diverse and deeply informative, catering to gamers seeking both entertainment and practical advice.