Top 6 Best Air Conditioning Units 2024

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When summer’s just around the corner, many of us are already thinking about how to acclimatize our home. Sometimes old, good fans and ventilators simply aren’t enough – it’s rather ambitious to think that these could air-cool the whole house. That’s when the thought about air conditioning comes up. But, before enjoying its benefits and installing it safely, we need to determine what we’re looking for.

When buying an air conditioner, we always look for or try to find, the best quality-price. And the offer is so big that it’s often difficult to decide on something specific. With each passing day, there are more and more AC brands on the market and that seems to confuse us as there are some little known brands that have very low prices, but we don’t really know if their quality is as good as their price, as stated by Home Aire Care.

Of course, many people will opt for the best-known brands in the market, the ones that are dedicated exclusively to this sector and have a long history. Surely, these will be more expensive than those mentioned above, but we’ll have a guarantee in terms of spare parts and other things our AC unit might need.

And, as we know that it’s quite difficult to decide, especially in such a competitive sector, we’ll make a shortlist of best AC models, so, if you’re one of those who are thinking of making this kind of purchase, take a look at this treat.


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For a price below 400 euros, you can buy this air conditioner that might easily compete with the most expensive brand models. It has an excellent value for the money paid, and it possesses all the features that can be expected from a model with the maximum performance. There we have energy rating A +++, inverter technology, heat pump, dehumidifier, programmer, control via WiFi… In short, everything you need to make your home’s a more comfortable place during summer.

According to, It’s a type of split air conditioners, so we might say that the model is much easier and cheaper to install, repair and maintain, in addition to being typically less noisy than regular ACs.  There are also models 2250 and 4500 (this one being more expensive – around 600 euros on Amazon).

Fujitsu ASY 25 Ui-LLCE

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Just under 500 euros, this (again) split type AC provides three functions: cooling, dehumidifying and heating. It’s very quiet, with a noise level of 61 dB, a silent operation mode and also very high cooling capacity. Its users highlight the usefulness of the Wi-Fi connection since it allows you to turn it on and off before arriving home with the mobile application. It has a four-speed fan and changes automatic hot/cold depending on the ambient temperature and the selected mode. This series, LLCE, becomes one more decorative element in your house thanks to its soft lines and modern design as well as its small dimensions, but its components of good quality are also a remarkable feature.

Hisense New Eco Easy 12000 Btu

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For less than 400 euros, it’s an air conditioner with an A ++ energy classification, which is quite a good feature and is characterized by ecological gas content. Additionally, it has a device for dehumidification and heating, in addition to cooling. With intelligent temperature control, the unit works depending on the type of the environment to ensure greater comfort. The sensor inside the remote control can detect the ambient temperature and transmit this information to the internal unit. The internal unit operates based on the detected temperature.

It’s also an energy saver and many satisfied buyers were more than eager to confirm that. Apart from that, they’re claiming that it functions great and that it’s quite a silent unit, just like the previous one.

Hitachi 2150 Split Air Conditioner

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This appliance has 2500 refrigerators and works with refrigerant gas or “ecological gas”, too. Unlike previous suggestions, it’s mostly recommended to the ones who are ready to put aside a bigger amount of money, as its price can reach thousands of euros. But no wonder – it’s a device designed to protect the environment, so it guarantees greater energy efficiency and low consumption. In addition to having night mode, the filter serves to eliminate dust particles, minimizing viruses from the environment.

This is ideal for the room, as well as its ability to absorb all kinds of odors achieving a deodorizing effect. Worth it?

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VG

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The compact and attractive unit is the new star in the Mitsubishi Electric range. It’s the successor to the popular and best-selling MSZ-SF35/MUZ-SF35VE. An A +++ energy class, numerous functionalities, very quiet operation and preparation for the installation of a WiFi interface. One more great feature – a more efficient R-32 working medium. Equipped with antioxidants that are effective against viruses and bacteria, it’s quite safe for anybody’s health.

This device also allows the user to adjust the startup and shutdown times of the device for each day of the week, and by switching the device to night mode, it reduces the noise of the outdoor unit. At the same time, it mutes the indoor unit and dims the lighting level. The noise produced by the indoor unit is almost imperceptible, so sleeping with the air conditioner on has never been more comfortable. The slats can also be adjusted horizontally via the remote control. The price? Around 893 euros.


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With the price of around 830 euros, Toshiba offers one of its best innovations in residential design, comfort, and high energy class. This unit incorporates a fresh new design and sleek mixed lines that will blend seamlessly into any interior. Here we can find a new feature named Magic Coil heat exchanger, which reduces the buildup of moisture on the heat exchanger and prevents any mold from forming.

Also, by using a combination of a special coating on a self-cleaning exchanger, there’s absolutely no chance of developing odors and bacteria. Some more great characteristics are independent discharge blades, six air discharge patterns that guarantee maximum comfort and the ability to find the right place to install the indoor unit very easily.

So many great ideas and possibilities, right? Make sure to choose the one which is going to be the perfect match and your own best choice – that’s the only way you can be maximally satisfied and feel great in your sweet home.