7 Popular Sports Growing Across the Globe


Just be reading the title of the article one particular sport has to come to your mind, because of its popularity, and that’s football. Even those who do not watch it or those who have never kicked a ball in their life are very well aware of its popularity. It has grown into a phenomenon, omnipresent, gathering huge masses of people, the whole ocean of passionate followers, and is still rising in popularity. No doubt it is the most popular sport on the globe.

The ridiculous amounts of money spent in the last decades in the world of soccer have only confirmed its undisputed role in the global world of sports. However, some sports are on the rise, when it comes to popularity, and you wouldn’t believe how many people are completely obsessed with them. But just because the media attention can’t be compared to the one enjoyed by soccer; they go less noticed. That’s why we’re giving you a list of 7 sports growing in popularity across the globe.

1. Cricket


This might come as surprise to many, but not to those who follow sports news. It’s the sport played by all the largest former English colonies and is among the most popular in the world. It is almost a religion in the countries colonized by the English, and along the way taught great nations such as India, Pakistan, all the way to Australia. It’s nothing like soccer, the only connection is the fact that it’s played by 11 players on both sides. It’s also the sport most people bet on, according to online sport betting platforms such as 10 Cric.

This sport, where two main assets are the stick and the ball, has rooted itself so deeply in the states we’ve mentioned, that the number of professional and amateur players, TV viewers, and other parameters is measured by billions. All thanks to its popularity in the world’s most inhabited countries, such as India.

At the same time, it is probably the only sport that has never had a strong foothold in two major markets, continental Europe or the United States – and yet it ranks so high in the world of sports.

2. Basketball


When someone says basketball, they think NBA. The biggest concentration of what drives this sport is located in the US, Canada, China, Japan. They’re the biggest markets and the biggest fan base. The same as with cricket, the fan base located in the mentioned countries is counted in billions.

No need to mention again that the biggest league everyone is crazy about is the NBA. When it comes to this sport, it’s the most famous competition, or shall we say the biggest money-making machinery. It’s all thanks to the people who manage the league. They’re the top in what they do, managers with the highest references. Just to illustrate – NBA has made a deal based on which it will earn around 2.6 million EUR per season, in the nine years, from the TV rights.

3. Soccer


Yes, everyone is aware of its place in the global world of sports, and we have mentioned it in the introduction. However, giving the popularity is still on the rise, it has to be on the list.

Many facts support the claim that it is the most-watched and most played sport on the planet, such as the fact that it is played by approximately 250 million people from 200 countries in the world, both recreationally and professionally.

There is almost no country in the world that does not have its football organization within which at least one or more league functions. And because of that, it is unique, unsurpassed, and still untouchable in relation to other sports.

4. Tennis


When it comes to individual sports, no doubt tennis is the top, thanks to the fact that over a billion people follow it. It’s important to mention that it one of the rarest sports in which gender equality is established. Purposely or not, it has an equal number of male and female players and equal gain they get per tournament. The biggest amounts of money are of course in the four biggest tournaments – the Grand slams.

5. Athletics


A sport that consists of several disciplines, of which the most followed are certainly running and long jump. It is considered the pinnacle of the Olympic Games and is the most-watched at the Olympics. Many people refer to it as the queen of all sports.  It is also equally represented among women, and almost every country in the world has its representative in some discipline.

Every now and then there is some exceptional talent that turns the attention of the world towards it, such as Usain Bolt in the case of athletics, which also influences the rise in popularity.

6. Formula 1


An absolute ruler among motorsports. It is not only a sport but also a science, which, along with MotoGP, makes it unique on this list. Drivers depend not only on their speed and talent but also on the speed and quality of the cars they drive. That’s why it is a sport where huge, insane amounts of money are turned over and it is definitely not a sport that anyone can do. Top drivers tend to earn 40-50 million a year, but one should not ignore the fact that it is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, as well.

7. Boxing


When it comes to combating, boxing is the top, as it also an Olympic discipline and one of the world’s oldest sports. When it comes to popularity, it is equally represented on each continent of the world.

Insane amounts of money are being turned on each match, especially in the heavyweight division. Its popularity continues to rise, because of all the great boxers and individuals who left a significant mark in the world’s history, such as the great Ali.

As it was mentioned in a couple of places in the article, these sports will continue to rise in popularity also because of the individuals with great personality and skills, that promote them in a correct way.