Best casino games for beginners

With online gambling become more popular every day, it is no surprise that people who have never gambled before ate trying their hands at games.

The problem that most novices have is that they are unfamiliar with the formats of the games and all the variations that come with them.

Some games start off simply and then get more complicated the further you progress with them, leaving a beginner floundering and often quitting the casino.

The first visit to a new casino, whether it is a physical one or an online casino can be intimidating and even scary for some people. With a little planning this need not be the case. For more information check

Fortunately, there are several games which are all easy to learn and can be self-taught even if you do not have that much spare time on your hands.

It is always advisable to have a little bit of knowledge about the games before you start to play them. Most online casinos will offer basic instruction on all the games they offer. You can always find more detailed learning instructions and tip by doing some research online yourself.

For a beginner it is always recommended that they start with the easy games until they have built up their confidence to try more complicated ones.

Let’s look at some of the easy games


This is an easy game to learn because it is slow-paced. Even at an online casino it is still one of the easiest to learn. This is the reason why Roulette is so popular. All you need to do is to pick a number that you think the ball will land on. Once you have chosen your number or numbers, the wheel is spun. If it comes to rest on your number, you win.

A variation of this is that you can choose to place your bet on all the reds or all the blacks, so that if the ball stops at any red you win, and if it stops on any black, you win. This gives you potential for more winnings.


These are games which suit novices because they are easy and quick. Simply place your bet, spin the reel and see what happens. If the reel stops at any of the winning combinations, you win. The potential wins can be quite big particularly if you play progressive slots, but these are fun games to play and require no learning.

Slots come is literally hundreds of different themes and whatever your idea of a fun theme is, you will find more than one slot machine to play. Every online casino will have a large selection of slots in many different themes.

Video Poker

This is just like playing basic 5-card draw, instead it will be electronic in an online casino. When you play against people you have to come up with the best hand possible. With video poker you place your bet before each hand and win according to how strong your hand is. The stronger you hand, the bigger your win.


This is also considered to be one of the easiest card games at a casino and online casinos are no different. The game is played with a regular deck of 52 cards with each denomination given a point value. The object is to draw your cards totaling as close to 21 as possible, and without going over that amount.


Although this may appear complicated at first, it is quite an easy game to play. Once you get used to the different bets you can place it becomes easier. All you are doing is really rolling a dice and placing a bet on the outcome.

European Roulette

This is the same as regular Roulette except that you will find the number zero is included in the wheel which means that you can recover your stake after the ball lands in the green zero slot.

Games with the best odds

Some games have better odds than others, and here they are.


This is because the house edge is more than likely one of the lowest in the casino, usually just 0.5% or even less. What this means is that you have a 44%-45% chance of winning for every hand that you play.


If you stick to betting on just the reds or just the blacks, you should have a 50% chance of winning. This means that you can in effect double your winnings if you pick all reds and the ball lands on red, or if you pick all blacks and it lands on black. Betting on just one number will decrease your chances of winning but the potential pay-out is higher.


Once you have learned how to play the game – it can be fast-paced – you will find that the odds are pretty good and normally in the region of 50-50.

To sum up

Once you’ve decided to have a go at online casino games, make sure that you choose a reputable site, which is correctly licensed and has gotten good reviews.

Next choose the games you think you’ll enjoy and learn about them. Most of your research may be available on the casino site so it is worth checking there first.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t start to win right away, get to know the game and all the variations there are and have fun as you improve your skills.