Best CrossFit Gear for Women

– Crossfit is often a demanding sport, especially when it comes to clothing. The wide range of activities like weightlifting, burpees, running, and gymnastics, all take a toll on clothes, which is why it needs to be supportive and durable. People who do CrossFit know that they train harder than people who exercise and sometimes, and they usually train in the weirdest clothes. But, even though it is not stylish, it provides the necessary support our bodies need during the extensive CrossFit exercise.

– In order to get the most out of your exercise routine, here is a list of important and necessary CrossFit gear women might need:
  1. Crossfit shoes – with the increasing popularity of CrossFit, there are several shoemakers that have developed shoes especially for this type of training. So, what are actually the benefits that these shoes provide? What is important about them is a good solid sole, a little high difference between the toe and heal, and limited cushion. These characteristics are helpful in order to feel more grounded during heavy lifts and they provide better positions in all aspects of training.
  2. Lifting shoes – weightlifting shoes reduce the motion range of the ankle in order to perform a squat with an upright torso. Like ordinary CrossFit shoes, they have a hard sole which helps transfer the power from your legs in the lift being done. According to the website CrossFitSurvival, some of the best shoes for women who love to weightlift are the „Adidas PowerLift Trainer“, that provide optimal support and comfort, as well as the „Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus 2.0“, that can be molded to your feet and have an extra strap in order to provide more support.
  1. Wrist wraps – this equipment exists to add more support to your wrists when lifting heavy weights. One rule to keep in mind is that we probably cannot lift as much as we would like to. If we use wrist wraps on lighter weigh, we may actually be robbing our wrists of gaining strength. When compared to the rest of our body, the wrist joint is pretty small and it cannot support the same amount of weight as we can in a back squat. However, if you are putting the same amount of weight as when you back squat over your head, then it is necessary to use wrist wraps.
  2. Knee sleeves – knee sleeves are different from knee wraps. Wraps are used in order to support heavy squat loads, similar to the wrist wraps that are mentioned above. Knee sleeves slide up the legs and go directly over the knee. They add extra support, but more than anything else, they keep the heat in the joint. Keeping the knees warm can make your squat more comfortable.
  3. Jump Rope – the principal of CrossFit training has to be the double unders. For most people, they are the enemy number one and sometimes, it will take them years to master. It is a skill that takes time and practice and the more time you can devote to it, the faster you will improve. Part of these skills is to learn the rhythm of the jump and rope swing. Owning your own rope is helpful, mostly because you cannot always know that you will get the same rope at your gym. To truly master the double under would mean you can do them with whatever rope you are given.


– In order to get the most out of your CrossFit exercise, this simple and not expensive gear might help you prosper and achieve even more.