What Are The Essentials To Enrich A Jewish Home

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An amazing thing about the world we are living in is that although the globalization trends are not far away, most of the countries are still keeping their own identity and culture. And that is why traveling is one of the best things to invest your money in – the experience of meeting new cultures and people is hard to beat. Now, one of the oldest cultures out there has to be the Jewish one, and frankly, it is quite amazing how they were able to stand the question of time. Although Israel came to be just recently in 1948, the Jews have been around Europe and the Middle East for millenniums and have certainly left their influence on different societies while keeping their own identity.

If you don’t have a Jewish friend we recommend you to meet one. Apart from the fact that they are quite fun to be around, visiting a Jewish household is one of the most unique experience you can have. Now, you certainly might ask well what is so cool about it? And our answer would be – the way they cherish and keep their tradition even through household items.

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The Essentials In A Jewish Home

1. First and foremost, one of the things that you are sure to see is a bunch of Mezuzah scrolls. You will find them at the entrance and exit of the house, and almost any room apart from the bathroom and kitchen. Now, Mezuzah scrolls are parchments of holy writings either written on Ashkenazi, Chabad, or Sephardic and stored in a casing. You pay respect to Mezuzah scrolls by touching it and then kissing your fingers.

2. Along with that, something that you can find in the Judaica web shop and that is essential in a Jewish household is a Tallit. Made out of wool, it is a garment that Jewish men wear every night and morning while praying. It is usually worn along with a tzitzit. And the reason why women don’t wear this is that they are seen as already spiritually corrected.

3. Menorah is a common item as well and it is a seven-branch candlestick that is usually lite on the Sabbath evening. Sabbath or Sunday is the seventh day and is seen as the day of rest (the last day of God creating the earth).

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4. Apart from the Menorah candlesticks, the Shabbat candlesticks are an excellent way to enrich a Jewish home given the beautiful and diverse theme of it, usually followed up with quotes from the Holy Texts.

5. Now, there is one item that we should all learn from and it is called Tzedakah. The Tzedakah box is a charity box that each Jewish family has and in which the family members and guests put money – at the end of each month calculated sum is given out to a charity foundation.

6. Last but not least you will see a lot of family photos throughout a Jewish household. Jews do think of family as a core to any society and that is why even in the kitchen you will be able to see various photos resembling the unity and memories they have together.

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Being a guest of a Jewish household is a fun and a unique experience – you will get to learn a lot about the customs and traditions, maybe even pick up on some ideas. If you didn’t have the chance to be one, do your best and meet a Jewish friend!