Why You Need To Hire Professional Translator For Your iOS App

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Developing an app is one thing and growing it is another. However, there is one important question you need to ask yourself. Is my app good enough in English or do I need to have it translate it for other markets? The answer to this question would be yes. But that’s not really convincing, isn’t it?

There are many reasons as to why you need to have your iOS app translated for other markets, and to do that you need to hire professionals.

In this article, we are going to take a look at why you need to hire professionals to translate your iOS app instead of you doing it yourself.

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•     App Localization

Possibly the most important reason why you need to hire professionals to translate your iOS app is the need for App Localization. There is a close link between language and shopping behavior of people online. Common Sense Advisory made a survey of around 3.000 consumers and they found out that almost 70% of them read content in their native language. And around 60% of them said that they would be more convinced about a product (in this case, your iOS app) when written in their own native language.

So this tells us two things; firstly, people trust their own language more than they trust the universal one, English. And Secondly, they are willing to buy something more if they have it written in their own native language. This tells us that if you want to sell your product to other markets, you must have it translated- and do that, you must hire professionals.

•    Professional Translators equals Professional Quality

You cannot risk it by trying to Google translate your way to success or to get a newbie and try to translate your iOS app. By hiring professional translators, like TheWordPoint, it will not cost you the reputation of your app; instead, it will propel it to even further success. Before hiring a professional translating service, you need to make sure that the people you’re hiring fully understand the language that you need your iOS app translated in. They need to be familiar with slogans that will insert further trust into native readers, and they need to be familiar with expressions and understand language barriers.

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•    They Understand The Language

That puts us nicely to our second point and that is, professional translators, understand the language. It’s important to understand the language that you are translating in. For an example, the phrase “Gift App” literary means “Toxic App” in German. There could be countless examples like this where a certain word has other meaning in another language. By hiring professional translators, you will avoid such embarrassing mistakes and native readers will trust your product even more.

•    Professional Translators Have a Specific Skill Set

The need for a professional translator depends on the app you’ve developed. Depending on what the app is about you can determine how much help you need. A professional translator can guide you in the right direction and tell you all the necessary stuff that needs to be mentioned so that your project can grow in other markets. Hiring people who are fully fluent in the required language will be a massive plus for your iOS app. With years of experience under their belt, professional translators are the go-to people if you wish to sell your iOS app to a wide range of people who are not native to English.

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