Best Defense In The NFC East?

In the past couple of years, the NFC East teams weren’t really known for their defensive abilities. The Dallas Cowboys were always shaky at best when it comes to defending the opposing offenses, and New York Giants had one of the worst defenses in recent memory just three years ago. Further on this list are Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles that were decent at times, but could never really put together a season of a good performance on the defensive side of the ball.

During the offseason of 2016, the New York Giants went out in Free Agency and spent a lot of money on the players that seriously improved their defense. Many teams buffer their D in the draft, but the Giants were looking to get some experienced defenders on their squad that can make an impact right away.


The offense of the New York Football Giants was expected to carry the load for this franchise last season, but it was the defense that led them to the Playoffs. Dallas defense is nowhere near as good as the Giants’ one, Eagles also can’t compete with them even though they have improved.

The only team that can challenge the Giants as the best defensive team is Washington, mostly because of that defensive line that they have. But overall, there is no question that New York is the best squad in the division when it comes to this segment of play. Considering the potential that their offense has in 2017, teams will have to score on this defense in order to win. Judging by 2016 defending that Giants did, that is not going to be an easy task for opposing offenses.