Is Dak Prescott Really NFL’s Fifth Best Quarterback?


NFL Top 100 rankings are always released in the summer. Each week we find out about the new members on the list and this Monday we found out that Dak Prescott is ranked as the 14th best player in the NFL. After not being ranked in the summer of 2016 since he was a 4th round rookie that hasn’t played a game in the NFL, he has made his debut on this list in a big way.

The thing that is even more interesting is that only four quarterbacks are going to be ranked above him. Brady, Rodgers, Carr, and Ryan are the only ones that will take better positions than the Dallas’ signal-caller. Is he really 5th best QB in the league.


If we are talking about the quarterbacks that we would like on our team, Prescott should rank high as he is young and has a lot of room to improve while he is already a solid option at the most important position in the game. He has a whole career ahead of him so it is understandable that you would want him on your team over, for example, a 40-year-old Drew Brees.

But, if we are talking about the raw football skill, there is no way that Dak Prescott should be ahead of guys like Big Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck. Probably even Cam Newton. While Prescott has had a great year and is a viable option for the Dallas Cowboys as a successor to Tony Romo, he still has a lot to prove in this league, and it is a bit premature to rank him above Super Bowl champions and proven quarterbacks like Brees and Big Ben. Another thing to factor here is the rest of the squad. When you have dominant offense and guys that always have your back, like Prescot does, it will be much easier to do your job properly.