These Are the Best European Countries to Move To


Europe is one of the richest countries in culture, culinary delights and beautiful landscapes. Getting around is easy since their transportation systems are quite neat, and people are welcoming wherever you go. Overall, most of the continent’s countries have a high living standard which adds to the beautiful scenery. But have you ever thought about moving there at some point?

Well, if you did, know that many other people had the same concerns. Many Americans decide to move to the EU, mainly because the housing market is just overwhelmingly challenging for buyers. At the same time, since healthcare access in the States is quite expensive, people are looking for more affordable and highly accessible health services in the European Union.

Of course, before deciding to move, you need to be wary of the vast cultural differences and try to blend in with the locals if you want to move permanently. You’ll find that people have other ways of living, so you need to get accustomed. Without further ado, here are the best European countries to choose from when moving from another continent.



If you’re looking for a place where the weather will embrace you with only sunrays, Portugal is the best place. With one of the oldest capitals in Europe, Portugal has a lot of diversity regarding culture and people, which you can observe from only a walk around the city. It’s also one of the safest places where you can live, with low crime rates and a good healthcare system.

There are plenty of visa options, too, if you choose Portugal, which makes it easier to move there:

  • Short-stay visas allow you to stay in Portugal for 90 days, which will enable you to get insight into how life is there, and it usually costs €80;
  • Temporary stay national visas provide access to the country for up to a year; you can apply for a visa for work, internship, medical treatment and more and the fee is around €75;
  • Long-stay national visas let you stay in Portugal for more than a year at the price of €90;



Spain comes right after Portugal with the best weather and climate. The two countries have some similarities, but what makes Spain unique is its nightlife, which you should be ready for since Spanish people love to have fun. Another aspect you should expect is the people’s limited English skills, so it’s necessary to learn Spanish if you want to adapt there. But given the low cost of living, you may want to do anything to stay there because it’s so affordable.

However, one of the country’s negative situations is the high unemployment rate, which can affect you more in getting a job. However, there are some sectors in which the demand is increasing so that you may find a job as a computer engineer, data scientist or computer programmer quite fast.

Some of the best Spanish cities to move to include Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. However, Málaga is one of the most beautiful regions, and it’s full of exciting museums and galleries. You could go now and check the shipping rates to Málaga.


Moving away from the hot weather, if you’re looking for a moderate climate with just enough heat, cold and humidity, Switzerland is for you. The country’s high quality of life, best education programs and health services are also essential factors that make foreigners live there. You won’t have to worry about getting a job, and the high-paying salaries will add to the well-maintained public services and infrastructure.

However, you need to be prepared for the high living cost that’s the most troubling. Rent, groceries and other expenses might put pressure on your bank balance, especially if you choose Zurich, Geneva or Bern as your place to stay. In comparison, these cities are more financially demanding than London, Paris and even New York. Therefore, it’s best to look for cities that are not this expensive and have some considerable savings beforehand. You can compare free moving quotes and learn which offer would suit you best.

Also, know that there are four national languages used here, and although you don’t need to know them all, it’s necessary to learn German at least since more than half of the population speaks this language. In regions like Geneva or Vaud, you need to learn French to talk with people. In some parts of southern Switzerland, there are mostly Italian-speaking people, and in other areas, people speak Romansh.



Sweden might be the perfect destination for you if you’re moving with your family due to affordable childcare programs, and parental leave is around 480 days. Similar to Switzerland, Sweden has high taxes and living expenses. Still, the quality of life outshines these aspects, as well as the excellent infrastructure, healthcare programs and educational systems, which are the best in Europe.

What can be unpleasant in Sweden, especially if you’re coming from a hotter climate, is that winter starts in November and lasts up until March, but the intensity of the cold and the lack of light increase only if you’re moving to a northern region. Summer is relatively short, but the temperatures are perfect for performing outside activities.

Some of the best Sweden regions you should consider moving to include the following:

  • Stockholm is one of the cleanest cities in the world and provides plenty of recreational and cultural events;
  • Gothenburg is the city where tech and finance industries are flourishing, and rents are more affordable;
  • Malmo is a city populated mainly by young people, where construction, transportation and tech are the most demanded jobs;

Bottom line

Europe is mostly known for its rich culture, good food and lovely people. Whether you move for only a few months, years or definitely, what’s essential is learning another language because most countries are non-English speaking. At the same, you need to get accustomed to people’s lifestyles. However, there are many benefits these countries provide, especially in the health sector.