Volleyball Betting Tips: 5 Things All Beginner Bettors Should Know

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Ready to break into the world of volleyball betting? If you want to make sure your bets don’t miss the net, we’ve got your back! Our expert tips will get you ready to wager on volleyball like a pro, so let’s get started and learn all the must-knows for first-time bettors.

Introduction to Volleyball Betting

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When it comes to betting on professional volleyball, there are a few fundamental concepts that must be understood by all bettors if they want to be successful. Knowledge of the rules of the game, previous results, teams, and players involved, and understanding of the various types of bets available are all key elements to successful volleyball betting.

To help you get started, here’s an introduction to the basics of volleyball betting:

  • Volleyball Rules: Before deucing it up on any sportsbook, familiarise yourself with the rules behind professional volleyball matches. Although most people know basic volleyball rules such as serving and scoring margins; knowing more detailed nuances such as ‘double contact’ (a team captain’s error) or going over ‘20’ can make all the difference between losing or winning your bets.
  • Previous Results: Understanding how past matches have panned out is another very important aspect for all beginning viewers to know. Key factors such as winner/loser margins and sets won/lost can be incredibly helpful when predicting outcomes in future matches. Additionally, taking note of head-to-head results will also work in your favor when looking at bigger-picture considerations before placing a bet.
  • Teams & Players Involved: As is the case with any sport, researching which teams & players are involved before placing any volleyball match predictions is essential knowledge that should never be taken lightly; especially in a sport like volleyball where physicality plays such a big role. Knowing which teams have recent stellar records or which individual players have had recent success within their respective clubs will give bettors an insight into form & morale before making a decision on where their money should go.
  • Types Of Bets Available: Knowing what kind of bets are available for volleyball games is something every bettor should research thoroughly before placing any wagers Simply selecting from match/game/set winner markets isn’t enough these days – most sportsbooks now feature variety when it comes to kinds of markets you can place your bets on (e.g handicaps). Take some time and research thoroughly what’s available – it’ll pay off more times than not if done correctly!

Types of Bets

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It’s important to understand the various types of bets and what their payouts will be. Moneyline bets, which are based on predicting the winner of a match, are among the most common and have different payouts depending on the likelihood of a team winning. Point spread bets, which assign an advantage or disadvantage to one team (i.e. one side must win by more than 3 points) with corresponding odds for each team, also have varying payouts depending on the amount one is willing to wager and how much of an advantage or disadvantage is given/received by each side. Finally, totals bets involve wagering on how many total points will be scored during a match (over/under).

Betting Strategies

One common strategy is called ‘value betting’ and it is essentially about odds comparison and finding value in your chosen matchup. By comparing website odds for the same contest, you can calculate how much of an edge your selection has over the market and make a decision as to whether or not it is worth placing a bet or not.

Another strategy involves betting in-play on volleyball matches. While traditional pre-match wagers tend to be less volatile in terms of odds movements, live wagers can provide opportunities for those with quick reflexes who think they have found value quickly post-match start. Therefore, be prepared to adjust odds according to game swings if needed.

Additionally, volatility should also come into play when selecting where to place your bets as different bookmakers often set varying margins for given markets. Therefore you should always do some research as this could make all the difference between closing at a profit or loss after each game session if playing multiple bets at once.

Researching Teams and Matches

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Whether you’re just starting out or have been betting on volleyball for some time, researching individual teams is one of the most important tasks that any entrepreneur looking to enter this space must agree upon day in and day out. Be sure to study up and focus heavily on researching a team before placing any big wagers and make sure that you have your eyes set on:

  • Players: Knowing who is playing will give you information that can help you make strategic decisions
  • Playing conditions: Familiarizing yourself ahead of time with potential weather or venue-related changes
  • Team strategy: Understanding lead-ups/history between two teams as well as their latest performance in terms of form and morale
  • Betting records: Knowing past wins/losses for both contenders will give insight into the current form
  • Injuries & suspensions: Taking note of any player absences due to injury or suspension could shift the tide of a matchup considerably

Managing Your Bankroll

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When betting on volleyball games, it is absolutely essential to establish and manage a bankroll. Your bankroll should be used solely for betting and not be confused with your personal funds or the amount of money you are willing to use for recreation or entertainment. Having a clear distinction between the money you need to live and the money you use for betting helps prevent financial problems caused by careless or irresponsible spending.

Having an established bankroll also allows bettors to set aside their winnings without them being confused or mixed in with their other funds. It also serves as an important limit that when managed correctly, can help guarantee profits over time by reducing the risk of loss from making bad bets.


For beginners, patience and knowledge are key. Start by focusing on just a few sports and markets that you understand fully before expanding your repertoire – statistically track results to get a deep understanding of liquidity, market conditions, and fluctuating trends. Remember to always calculate odds against betting lines in order to give yourself the best chance of success while also keeping track of important events where free bets might be available.

With this smart approach and a bit of luck, you’ll soon begin enjoying the thrilling world of volleyball betting!